Thursday, August 21, 2008

Second Card for: Kristina Werner Color Inspiration Challenge #19

Hi All, 

I couldn't help it - had to make another card for KW's color challenge. On the left were the colors that Kristina challenged us with this week. I loved the card that I made last night for this color challenge (you see that card here or scroll below) - but I kinda had this idea in my head and not enough time last night. 
The card enough was simple to make - a little tearing here, a little circle punching there and slap on some adhesive and call it a day. I guess the only thing somewhat different was that the image of the cheetah i stamped on the white part of the black cardstock and then cut it from the white side so that the it was reversed. It kinda worked better that way because of the way I tore the "hill" for the cheetah to sit on. 

The stamped sentiment was inked with white craft paint and when it was dry I went over it with a paint brush with white paint... why? you ask did I do that? I have no idea... I didn't want the craft experience to end ?? Now that I think of it, I could have embossed it with white - Oh well!

Maybe you are wondering what does a cheetah have to do with a thank you card? Well, cheetah's are my most favorite animal ... I think they are beautiful and amazing. When I was in Kenya I got to see a few on the "hunt" and I totally fell in love. So for me, to send a thank you card to someone with a cheetah on it - is sending them a thank you card with so much love in it. 

Well, I am going to take off  my craft hat and put on my chef's hat now... ready to wrangle up some supper. Since school has started, we are trying to get everyone back on an early routine.... Can ya'll believe that tomorrow is Friday! Where did this week go.

 Thanks so much for coming over to a visit.
Ciao for now,

Card Recipe:
Stamps: Stampin Up! (I forgot the name of this set)
Ink: Frost White from Color Box
Paper: Black Cardstock, Metallic Gray Cardstock from Paper Company and Yellow from DCVW
Accessories: Circle Punch (2") 


Tenia Nelson said...

Love this card!!! Thanks for sharing!!!


clouds shadler said...

Wow, that is a beautiful card, very well done. The scene is awesome and I also like the tear edge that gives the card a dimensional look!

i like a lot :o)


Shelly Koskinen said...

Cool Card!!!!! I love it!!

Sarah-Jane Kale' said...

Another great card.


Anonymous said...

Your cards are wonderful. Love the take on this C.I. TFS, Amy.

Ophthalmologist said...

Another oh so beautiful card! I love the simplicity of the scene you created - it makes a really dramatic effect!

Savitri said...

Oh, very nice! Different too from what I've seen of your work. I likey!!

Ok, my flower... no, it came like that. I think the flower was one of the first Prima flowers that came out... OLD!

My picture, ha! Yes, I had to crop it out of a family photo. I rarely take pics of me and when I do, they're goofy looking (like the one on Kuler, ha ha!). So yes, I have to admit, that on Creative Type is prob. the better of me, hee.. The pic on Blogger... hubby said I need to update it. I look 20 hee.. It was two years ago or so. Yes old, but not 20!

Have fun cookin'!

Brooke S said...

With all the yacking you were doing last night how did you have time to make a second card? What country's have you not been too? What amazing adventure you have been on in your life... Dumb but... How Ironic that Disney's Cheetah girls movie is premiering tonight "One World" in non other than INDIA... You will have click on the link and watch with the kids so DD can dance...


Sankari W. said...

LOL! I know Brooke, I am still in awe of our 3hr. yak fest :) but i made this card before we talked .... still not sure about it - and still have all these ideas - but there isn't enough stamp time in the day for me... sigh! can't wait to talk more soon!!!

Becky said...

Beautiful! The cheetah is perfect!