Saturday, June 28, 2008

Our Creative Corner Challenge - Brads and Buttons

Hi Everyone,

Here is a card that I made for the Our Creative Corner Challenge - Brads and Buttons. The inspirations for this card came from: Dawn Easton and Maria whose cards I CASED.  Before I continue with the card - I would just like to take a moment to thank Maria for being so sweet and welcoming. Way before I even had a blog, I would pop onto Maria's for a little inspiration and was always amazed by her crafts and more than that who she was. She has always been so open and so encouraging in her emails - she is just the sweetest sweetheart and a wonderful person. Thank you so much Maria! As my son would say: "You are just so tweet".  So go on over to Maria's site and check out her cards!

As to this card - I have to admit - it all started when I saw the paper -(Sparkle Cat Circles - from Cloud 9 designs). I just loved it! and then I remembered that I had some brads that matched, and then I found some buttons that would go and then I saw some ribbon that could tie it all together (all of these elements are from MakingMemories). I love how the brads look like buttons (these are epoxy buttons). As for the sentiments - the  Thank You ,  I think is from MSF! - but I am not sure because I didn't keep the packaging - will have to check on that.

And after I made the first one, I couldn't help but make a second one, using the same stamp set but a different Thank You sentiment.  I really loved all the circle elements - it just feels so very fun - you can't quite see it - but the paper has some glitter on the black circles -which makes it quite the disco card in the sunlight ;)

This was a really fun project and I have to say I am so into buttons now. Who knew buttons could be so fun!? I couldn't resist adding a button with the matching ribbon in the top right corner...  and had to control the urge to go button-wild :) 

I can't wait to see what new challenges they have today at the OCC. Hope you are all enjoying a sunny saturday! 

Best wishes to all
Ciao fro now :)

TCP Tuesday

Hi Everyone,

This is a card that I made for the TCP challenge. These challenges are quite fun and this week it was hosted by Leigh O'Brien. I just recently started this blog (maybe like a month ago) and Leigh was so sweet and encouraging - she does some beautiful cards, so go take a lookie. The colors for this week were:
It was a really fun combination of colors and the card itself was a fun card to make. The color combination made me think of red flowers in the earth against a beautiful sky - so I went with that. The stamps for this I think are from MSF!, I am not sure because I got this stamp set a while ago and kept the clear stamps in a folder without labeling where it was from  - (I have since learned that lesson). 

I stamped the lotus image on the olive and red paper and then paper pieced them together on the sky blue circle punch. The papers were then layered, the circles were laid together at the bottom and then I put cherry red brads from American Craft: Elements between the sky blue circles. I tied soft sky ribbon and stamped the Thank You sentiment and finished with a little cherry brad in the "O" of the sentiment. At the bottom of the card I put little dots from my cranberry marker and then called it a day... well actually - I called it a night....  I love it when the kids are asleep and I have some moments to craft :) 

Can't wait to get some TCP stamps and see what the next challenge is :) I have to say - its really fun to do these challenges because the have made me use colors and combinations that I hadn't thought of before - and its great to see all the cards that all the other amazing crafters have made!

Hope all of you are well and happy and healthy!
Ciao for now!

Friday, June 27, 2008

Graduation - Congratulations Card

Hello Everyone,

Two cards in one day! What!!! 2 posts in one day!! Que Pasa??!! I know, I know - its been that kinda of a day - trying to do too much... it feels like there has been 32 hours in this day... ever feel like that?  usually it feels the other way around - anyhow....
This is a graduation card made for the high school graduation of our family friends daughter -- ok ok - she graduated like.... 4 weeks ago - and I have been meaning to make a card (better late than never right?) and so I whipped this little number up,

 while I was in my craft space gettin' busy with the KW Color Inspiration Challenge posted below. Since this card was for a young lady (this one's for you Lakshmi!) I decided to give the owl some eyeshadow and then put some Crystal Stickles on her eyes -- for that fierce look (LOL!)... and of course once you bring the Stickles out --- you just want to put them everywhere - so I put them on her wings... and had to then put the Stickles away in case I just went a little Stickle-crazy :)....  Hopefully, I can get this out in the mail ASAP  - that part is whole other kinda ballgame...  I am not sure what all the ingredients of the card are ... (i am typing downstairs and i feel too lazy to go upstairs.... the only thing i remember is that the sentiment Congratulations is from G studio... I know this because I have used it sooooo often in the last few cards.  I will have to update this with the card ingredients later...

Tomorrow is Friday!!! YAY! since we are on vacation that doesn't have the same kinda oomph - but its a great thing because my mother will be done with work and we can all be together in this last weekend of June! Can you believe that its almost July! I surely can't.... Anyhow...I will end with my late night ramblings and sign off for today :)

Hope all of you are well and happy!
Best wishes, 

Thursday, June 26, 2008

Color Inspiration Challenge #13

Hi Everyone,
Time for another Color Inspiration Challenge from Kristina Werner - this time the five colors are: Whisper White, Purely Pomegranate, Regal Rose, Wild Wasabi and River Rock. Its interesting how these challenges make me actually post a card... and keep the creative fun juices going :).

 This card is really simple - quick and simple because one of my old highschool chums is coming over for a visit. The stamped sentiment (Thank you very much) is from MorningStar stamps, the flower in the middle of the sentiment is from Martha Stewart crafts, the papers are as similar as I could find to the SU colors from the challenge and the ribbon is from my scrap pile.  I couldn't get the lighting to work for me in taking this pic - anyone else have that problem? any advice? But anyhow -all in all it was a fun card to make. And its always nice to have some extra Thank you cards around :)

You know the other reason its kinda fun to do these challenges is because I feel connected to so many other crafters around the world who I imagine are also sitting in their craft space creating something yummy :) Crafters are awesome! Hope all of you are well and healthy and enjoying some nice summer sunshine,
Thanks for stopping by - its been really nice to meet all you sweet people :)

Ciao for now :)

Monday, June 23, 2008

Happy Housewarming Card

Hi All, 

Here is a fun little card that I made for our friend's housewarming (which was today but we couldn't make it because our daughter who has been sick with fever this week is just starting to turn the corner - knock on laminated wood :). But I hope they all had fun. 
This card was so much fun to make and I have to admit that one or two... (okay - three) Klondike bars went into the creative process ---
along with watching a few episodes of Arrested Development on Hulu. First off,  Hulu rocks! (check it out) And second I just started watching Arrested Development and its so funny if you like that type of humor. I am usually laughing watching that while I am making cards (and in this card's creative process - also eating a Klondike bar :) 
Anyhoo.... I think the card recipe is pretty self-explanatory, the DP I am not sure where its from (I need to get better at recording these things) and the sentiment is from Inkadinkado (love it). I also embossed the yellow background with clear embossing powder with a stamp from Stampabilities. I also have to thank Manuel for the housewarming card idea (she made a really sweet one with a cute house) and also Kittie for the idea with the grass.  bottom of the grass was sponged with Stazon Olive and not sure where the ribbons are from... hmm.... note to self - keep craft space in order so you know which company makes which craft stuff... oh and also - Klondikes and cardmaking do not mix well.....too messydrippy

Anyhoo - thanks to the Klondikes - I am still up - when I should be sleeping - but these moments when the kids are asleep and I can just do whatever I want are sooooo nice that I want to savor it - but then again - they are going to be up by 6am ... hmmmmm...
well - wishing all of you a great night and sweet dreams!
Tell laters,

Saturday, June 21, 2008

Color Inspiration Challenge #12

Hi Everyone,

Its time for another color challenge from Kristina Werner. This time the challenge had four colors : Whisper White, Sahara Sand, So Saffron and Wasabi Green.  

I have to say it was a little bit of a hard challenge - just the combination of colors and all... but one thing that I have noticed in doing these challenges, is that I make cards that are outside my box - although I don't really know what my box is.... Anyhow - I have to say I liked how the card turned out - I was trying to follow the design of the placemat from the picture - with just little pops of color from the flowers. It's kinda fun to work with circles - I just wanted to keep cutting circles out - (the Cutting System from Creative Memories is awesome for circle cutting...) and the little flowers are just so cute and sweet.

I guess maybe - just that I think a little bit more of the design of the card then just throwing things together. Anyhow... the only stamp is the sentiment Congratulations, which is from G Studio stamps  (only a $1 at AC Moore - Holla!). All the papers are from my scrap pile -not sure from where - the only one I know is the Sahara Sand look alike is from American Traditional Designs and I love this DP - its so nice - feels so good and is double sided cardstock with beautiful vines on the back. The flowers and pearl embellishments are from Kaiser Scrapbook - they are both lovely and delicious.


I really do look forward to these challenges - can't wait till the next one!
Hope all of you are well and are enjoying this beautiful weekend!

Ciao for now!

Friday, June 20, 2008

HI Everyone,

I thought I would try the TCP Tuesday challenge that I found at Carole's Blog (who by the way is one awesome craft queen and quite funny too). I don't own any Cat's Pajamas Stamps (yet :) but thought that I would try to participate in the challenge with what I have. So here is my take on this challenge:

It was definitely fun, especially using the Going Out in Style stamp set by Stampin Up!  The hat on her head originally was a different had - so I had to stamp twice - cut the hat out and put the other hat instead - so I could tie the bow on - which was the prominent feature on TCP challenge. 

I love this stamp set - I think I need to use it more. 
Hope all are well!
Ciao for now,

Wedding Card

Hi Everyone, 

This week has been a bit of a rough one. Our little girl has been running a fever (103.3) for the last 5 days and just today its come down a little... there is nothing more painful than seeing such a wee one go through so much pain and misery (she is 14 months). Anyhow - hopefully things are taking a turn for the better. Here is a little card that I made for my cousin's wedding. I didn't want to make a card using the traditional colors (more neutrals) because it is an Indian wedding - and that means there must be some gold and color. I love the paper that I used... the background is gold and turquoise filigree kind of thin paper and the then the other blue is a shimmery blue... its hard to capture it on the camera - but its really a pretty paper... I tried to keep it simple and was pleased as to how it turned out... 

I hope they like it too. It was so much fun to go to the reception and see my cousins whom I haven't see in forever... and for  them to finally meet our kids and vice versa. It seems these days that everybody is spread out all over the place and its so hard to coordinate a family reunion ... esp in my family. 

Hope you are all well and enjoying the summer sunshine with your loved ones,
Till later,

Saturday, June 14, 2008

Color Inspiration Challenge #11

Hi Ya'll,

After road tripping across 7 states from Iowa to Maryland with two little ones under the age of 3 - we finally made it to my parent's house happy and relieved. We have been here in Baltimore this last week for my father's surgery. I cannot even tell you how intense this week has been - but everyone has had their sweet attention on my dad and thanks to that - he came through the operation ok (for an aortic aneurysm with a double bypass on the femoral arteries). Thanks to everyone's prayers and good wishes he is doing fine. And he got to come home today!!!! YAY! I am so grateful for every little thing. It is so good to finally see him home without any tubes or wires - sigh - what a huge relief. 

My travel craft pack has been packed in a box this week while we went back an forth from the hospital. The one thing that has caused that craft pack to open is Kristina Werner's Color Inspiration Challenge. I thought I could resist doing one - but I couldn't. So last night - out came the mini craft travel kit and I tried to see what I had with these colors for the challenge:  Whisper White, So Saffron, Going Gray, Rose Red and Old Olive. Kristina got her inspiration from this picture from Ikea:

I love Ikea - I got lost in there for a week once - just always came out filled with ideas. So here is my take on her challenge. Hope its ok. I just realized how hard it is to photograph a picture and have it feel true to life - I finally took my card outside and set it in the grass and tried it with the sunlight - which felt more apt since the card was filled with butterflies.

The recipe for the card is pretty simple -  cardstock colors according to those of the challenge, some brads, some embossing powder and the butterfly stamp from (? oh dear - I have packed everything away - will have to post that later :)

I love these color challenges because they make you think in a different way than you usually think - and makes you try and play with the space a little differently. I feel so recharged after making a card - phew! I needed that - its so amazing how doing something creative can cause all the endorphins to rush around and create little tiny bubbles of bliss cruising around your body :) Wow  - I think I will have to find a nook here to unpack my craft pack and make a card every day to post. Can't wait to see the Round Up on Kristina's blog and also the next MACM on Youtube Hope all of you are well. 

Wishing you lots of sunshine (please let me share this heat wave on the east coast with ya'll)
Happy Crafting :)

Saturday, June 7, 2008

Seeds of Friendship Card

Hello Everyone,

We Made IT!!! Yay! After 2 days in the car together, we arrived safely in Baltimore. It was really a great trip overall - I was actually surprised at how well the kids did on such a long trip (they are 3 yrs and 1yr). On Friday when we left, we were just ahead of a severe storm system. In front of us the sky was sunny and behind us the sky was dark and cloudy. This is the same system that has caused the severe flooding in Indiana, which is where we stopped last night to break our trip in two (last night the weather was windy but not raining yet). We visited my Alma Mater Earlham College, in Richmond, Indiana. It was so sweet to see our little ones walking on the path that I used to walk on my way to class. I showed my son my old dorm room and where I used to eat and showed him some of my classrooms. He was kinda fascinated and asked some cute questions. It was really nourishing to be there with my husband and family - somehow integrated the whole college experience with who I am today. We left early this morning and drove across five states! It was fun to show where we where on a map to our son and everytime we crossed a state line we would yell the name of the state and blow a kiss to the ceiling. We stopped a few times to let the kids run around and kick a soccer ball - I think that helped them feel a little bit more settled in the car. I was so excited when I saw the "Welcome to Maryland" sign! My parents were so happy to see us and we were so happy to see them. It was 96 degrees today - can you believe it?! 10 minutes after we arrived, the kids were running through the sprinkler in their bathing suits - they had so much fun - a great way to unwind from a long journey! We had some yummy south indian cooking and are settling in for the night. So good to be home finally!

Here is a card that I made last week that celebrates friendship from the SU set  The World Over. It is such a cute set and the sentiment and images are so sweet. The sentiment reads:        "Seeds of Friendship bring flowers of Joy.

The card was stamped twice once on white cardstock and then again on green. The green portion was cut out and then paper pieced onto the white cardstock. I cut a semi-circle around the image and daubbed a light and dark blue on the edges. And then finished the card off with matting it onto the background paper and tying a ribbon. 

I dedicate this card to all of my friends -both new and old. You have all brought so much joy into my life and teach and inspire me everyday to be the best person I can be.... Thank YOU!

Wishing you all sunshine,

Friday, June 6, 2008

Happy Birthday - Everyday Display Board

Good Morning Everyone, 

We are off on our big road trip to Baltimore (17 hour road trip!) But before we go - I wanted to post a little something I made for one of our dearest friend's son. I can't believe he is going to be 11!!!  I remember that when I was 11 was the first time I got glasses. And I never wore them - I didn't mind them - I just never really wore them.... I guess things haven't changed much :) But I have gotten better at wearing them - partly because everytime I drive at night, I think that the mailboxes are deer (as those of you who know where we live - know that there are a lot of deer around). So anyhow, I digress - back to the project at hand :)

This is an Everyday Display Board from Creative Memories. Its a magnetic board that can be either hung or displayed and can be changed for any occasion (Mother's Day, Birthdays, Christmas, Halloween, etc.) I love making a quick scrap layout. And the best part is that after your done - you can keep it safe in your album. 

Hope that all of you are well and are enjoying a great Friday. 
It loos like there is some rain here - hopefully it will clear up soon.

Well, we are off on our adventurous road trip - we plan to reach there around Sat. evening. 
Will post more after our trip. 

Wishing you all lots of sunshine and starshine,

Thursday, June 5, 2008

That was Sweet of You (Thank You Card)

Good Morning Everyone!

Today is a gorgeous hazy, sunny day after night rainstorm. The air is full of possibilities and my mind is full things to do as we start our journey towards Baltimore to see my parents. It is exciting to have a summer road trip, there is something about that which marks the start of summer.... a journey, a vacation, a moment to enjoy the beauty around us with those whom we love. We are traveling with our two little ones, our first big road trip - so this will be interesting :) We have packed our van with food, games, books and other distractions and hopefully they will do well. Its amazing how many things have to be prepared before making a journey like this. Well - before I go and check off my Things to do List - I thought I would post a little card I made early this morning in the wee hours before anyone woke up....

Here is another little thank you card (I don't know why I am so attracted to making thank you cards now :). This one is a really sweet one - as the sentiment on the card expresses: "that was so sweet of you". 

It is made with the SU stampset Sweet of You. The background paper is DP (don't remember from where) and the other papers are scraps that I had lying around. The image was stamped onto white cardstock, colored with markers (Copics are on my Christmas list :) and topped off with some acrylic paint for texture. I also added some Crystal Stickles onto the background for fun. Here is a close up of the little cake image:

Its really a fun stamp set and I can't wait to make some more cards with it. I hope all of you are enjoying this beautiful Thursday. 

Wishing you lots of sunshine and laughter,
Talk to you tomorrow,

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Breathe In Beauty

Good Morning All! 

This morning we awoke to a foggy morning. The air feels cool and crisp and the birds are chirping and the land around us is covered in a gentle fog. Its a beautiful morning in the neighborhood :) Today we have the end of school picnic, filled with fun, food and  little pre-schoolers running around with jolly giggles. 

Here is a card that I made for the Rubbernecker Blogger Challenge - which is a sketch challenge. It was a challenge for Tuesdays, but I didn't get around to it till this morning. But I thought that I would still post it, even though its a day late. The challenge was to make a card using this sketch.

Somehow this sketch was a little bit harder than I thought - but afterwhile, I landed on this card. This isn't a usual card for me  - not that I know what usual is - but I guess that is the point of the sketch challenge - to use the card space in different ways and figure out which elements should go where.... Anyhow - here is the card:

Here is a close up of the flower detail, enhanced by some black acrylic paint:

The texture of the flower is something that I like very much. I am not sure where the paper is from, but the stamps are from SU! The Art of Life. And the background to the flowers has Diamond Stickles. The sentiment from this card came from Chrystos who I had a brief chance to meet at a conference where she read from her book: Not Vanishing. When she signed my book, she wrote "Breathe in Beauty." I have always remembered that and treasured that and it has always inspired me - hard to believe it was almost 13 years ago!

How amazing it is to be on this journey of life. There are glimpses during my everyday busy life where I glimpse the infinite and have a chance to breathe in that beauty. Those moments nourish and sustain. 

Wishing all of you sunshine, moonshine and starshine,

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Button Flower Thank You Card

Good Afternoon! We woke up to thunderstorms this morning in Iowa. But now the sun is peeking through and its so nice to see how fresh everything looks after a rainstorm. Here is another Thank You card made with a few different elements. I enjoyed working with the bright colors and especially on this rainy day, it was nice to work with fresh colors. 

The flower stamp came from SU!'s All the Best set. It was  stamped on white cardstock with fuschia ink. The flowers were then cut out and the orange buttons were sewed onto the flowers with yellow thread. I brushed some grass green ink onto the green paper before cutting "grass" onto the paper. I also cut out leaves from the same green paper and attached it to green stems, which I then attached to the flowers. The ribbon is from Offray and onto the ribbon I attached the sentiment from SU! with some metallic turquoise brads.  And lastly I added Crystal Stickles onto the flowers which really helped to pop out the flowers.

This was such a fun card to make. I love working with bright colors, somehow it is really satisfying. I painted our laundry closet bright pink because I wanted to see a little happiness when I opened the closet :) You can't really see much pink when you open the closet door, but its still there and makes laundry a little more exciting :)  Hope all of you are well. 
Thanks for stopping by!

Monday, June 2, 2008

Garden Thank You Card

Hello Everyone!
 One of the coolest things in starting this blog has been meeting so many amazingly gifted crafters. I am always amazed and inspired after seeing all the works of art out there. I was hesitant to start a blog because I am so new to the whole cardmaking world and felt a little shy to put myself out there - but it has been a fun way to meet such cool people. Thanks to all of you for your nice comments and coming over to this corner :)

Here is a quick thank you card I put together today that is sans stamps. 

The card is 5 x 6 1/2. The main paper with the gardening water cans, is from an Italian paper company (I don't know which one) and the other papers and ribbon have been in my scrap pile. The black square brads are from: Spare Parts (Paper Studio) and the flowers have Diamond Stickles on them. I hand wrote the sentiment in Olive from Creative Memories. 

Well, I am off to finish my to do list for the day, which has grown quite long suddenly. The weather here in Iowa is bright, sunny and quite warm. Hope all of you are well and happy. Sending ya'll some sunshine :)


Sunday, June 1, 2008

Color Inspiration #10

Hello Everyone!!!

Today marks a whole new world for me :)  

This is not only my first entry in blogland :) but also my first Color Inspiration Challenge entry. These color inspiration challenges are from Kristina Werner who makes amazing cards (catch her on Youtube every Monday for "Make a Card Monday".  This weeks challenge was to use a swatches of color from the below picture, to create your card. I hope my first attempt at this qualifies and I am so excited to not only do one of these challenges, but also enter it into Roundup.  

The colors for this card are: not quite navy, bashful blue, so saffron, old olive and whisper white. I hope the colors in the card fit the swatch. I really enjoyed playing around with the colors and this card. It was a fun combination of colors - kinda soft with a pop :) 
I have always enjoyed craft stuff and got more interested into scrapbooking after the birth of my son. Its only recently within the past 6 months that I have really been into cardmaking. I love going to all the different cardmaking blogsites, where I am just blown away by the beautiful artwork in these cards. I was so inspired, that I thought I would try a little blog of my own and make a card everyday myself. In the busy life of being a mother, working, etc., crafting and creating something always uplifts my heart and brings me joy. And that joy is a little addictive ;) 

The colors are a little off when I took a picture of the card, but I hope that it still works for the challenge. Since I am just starting to blog cards, I haven't really kept up with where all the ingredients for this card is from, but here is the stamp recipe of the products that I do know of: 

The stamp of the bird is from Inkadinkado and the stamp for the expression is from "Happy Harmony" from Stampin Up!. The ribbon is Ofray ribbon (Blue 1H) and the rick is from Wrights (Croquet Miniatures), Blue Mist. The white cardstock is from Colorbok, and I am not sure where the other DP used is from, nor from where the brads are from. On the flowers in the stamp I used some white paint with "Crystal Effects" Stickles. 

I am so excited to post this and journey forth into this amazing community of stampers and scrappers :) I would also just like to thank Leigh O'Brien of Sunflower Studio for making me feel so welcome and Maria from Stampin' Inspirations for encouraging and inspiring me. Hope you are all doing well on this glorious sunday morning :) Thank you so much for stopping by today - please come back soon!

Happy Crafting :)