Friday, August 29, 2008

2 Sketches 4 You - Laura's Sketch Challenge

Hello Everyone,

I am so happy that I finally got to do a card using the sketch from  2 Sketches 4 You  (this week was Laura's Sketch #7) I have to say, that I get a little sad if I don't get to do this challenge because not only are Laura and Kazan's sketches pretty cool -  they make me think outside of my little box AND it is also amazing to see all the wonderful cards made by all the amazing artistes from around the world. This week has been so busy - so I was glad that I finally had a chance to sit down and do this challenge - it was so therapeutic. 

Seriously, Stamp Therapy should be something that your doctor should recommend so that you can get time off from work to stamp and have it be paid for through your insurance so that you can get all the stamping/crafting supplies that you need.... Can you imagine that!?!!! Wouldn't that be awesome!!

Anyhoo, I digress :)   I loved Laura's sketch and saw so many possibilities - so for one of the possibilities. I rotated her sketch 90 degrees counter clockwise for my card. Doing this created a little flap for a pocket in the card -  for another smaller card to go into. 
This card was made for one of my dearest friend's from highschool's son - who is turning one in a week!!! His name is Zach, but he is affectionately known as "Z" - so for the card, I highlighted the letter Z and the number 1. 
The smaller card with the Z chipboard, pulls out to reveal a smaller card and for this little card - I am going to write some special wishes for him for his first birthday! He is such a great little guy - actually, I shouldn't say little because he is somewhat of a tank :) (he's got Michelin Man thighs :) and he is just so yummy to hold (as is his big brother :)
The large card measures 3 1/2" by 5" and the smaller card measures 2" by 3 1/2". I loved making this card because it is for someone so very special and that always makes the process so much more fun and special :)
It's Friday - YAY! It's the last friday in August and you can feel the slight crispness in the air indicating that fall is on the way. There are a few trees whose leaves are changing and its starting  
to get a leeeetttle cool - LOVE IT!! My favorite month is September - because its my birthday month! Maybe I will have to give some Blog Candy away next week on my b-day!...... hmmm....! stay tuned! Yay! I love birthday's - I love celebrating the miracle of birth and the miracle of each and every day.  
Speaking of everyday miracles, Jen has a great a idea on her blog called +365, where you write down something positive about yourself/your day etc. I started to do that and have really enjoyed the difference I have noticed - I feel more aware of the beauty of it all and that every moment can be beautiful and perfect 
So my highlight or +365 from yesterday was swinging in the park with my kids - it was so great to watch their little itty bitty legs kick back and forth and to also sit in between them and swing so high - to feel the wind in your hair - to feel the sun on your face - to breathe in the beauty of life, to hear the sweet little laughter of my children being carried to the world by the wind.  I love swinging 
so high into the sky that the metal frame of the swing shakes a bit.... and also i loved that my children thought I was so cool because I could go so high :) Thank goodness it doesn't take much at this age, LOL!

I feel so grateful for this blessing of being alive. So thankful..... each and every moment is so precious. And in doing this blog and being able to meet so many of you wonderful artists, I feel like the world is a smaller place :)
Have a wonderful Labor Day weekend everyone! Drive safe, enjoy your family and most of all.... hope you get to have lots of belly laughs! 

Thanks so much for coming over for a visit!
Wishing all of you happiness,
Sankari :)

Card Recipe:
Paper: DCVW for the blues, K & C company, paint sample (Tuscany Tan) for the beige
Ink: Blue marker
Stamps: Typewriter Lowercase Alphabets  by Inkadinkado
Accessories: Blue & Green ribbon (Offray), sticker embellishment (the giraffe) from Jolee's, Making Memories Chipboard, Blue Paint, Waterfall Stickles, hole puncher
Show watched: What Happens in Vegas 

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Kristina Werner Color Inspiration Challenge #20

HI Everyone,
Its time for another Kristina Werner Color Inspiration Challenge. This week we were challenged with 5 yummy colors - inspired from a page from Pottery Barn Kids. I can't believe that this challenge makes #20! Wow! Time flies fast when you are having fun :)

The couch had a bold print on it which was softened by a light pink. I liked that idea and created my own background in Photoshop with all of the 5 colors that Kristina gave us. 
I made leaves out of Chocolate chip, the butterflies out of the two pink colors and the green dots (that are a fabric option for the chair) from the Certainly Celery color. After printing the panel 3 times, I adhered it to the cardstock.

 I then added 1" punched out circles to give it a faux embossing, scalloped look on the side, along with ribbon and sentiment. 

I also tried another card that was mostly a regal rose color with the  same background and sentiment - just different layout... 

I enjoyed making both cards - they provided much needed card therapy. It has been a rough few days around here - and its so nice to be able to create something is so therapeutic to cut and paste and stamp :)

Sorry for this crazy blog layout - I have been having trouble trying to get everything centered - and 45 minutes later I can't seem to get it right... arg! Anyhoo - on that note, it seems that my blogging time for today is officially over because my daughter is biting my knee (she is 16 months) so off I go to give her some snuggly cuddles :)

Hope you all have a great Wednesday!
Thanks for visiting,

Ciao for now,

Card Recipe
Cardstock: Martha Stewart
Ink: Martha Stewart Brownstone
Stamps: SU! Sincere Salutations
Accessories: Photoshop, Ribbon Offray
Show watched: Sleepless in Seattle 

Monday, August 25, 2008

A Cupcake Throwdown? (A Thinking of You Card)

Hi All, 
Here is another card for Taylor's Cupcake Challenge #30 using the awesomely fun colors from the ladies at the Color Throwdown. I loved these colors together - they felt very soft and sweet and somehow nautical. 

So I started by creating one card ( a little card for someone special who lives across the ocean :) who I have been thinking about - but then ended up making two. 

This little message in a bottle card was made in Photoshop and then printed and cut about to create some layers on a 5x5 card and a 3x3 card. 

I did add a little bit of darker navy cardstock to the colors because it felt like it need a little bit of a stronger matte. Anyhoo - it was definitely some much needed card therapy that these two little cards provided for me. 

Hope all of you are having a great monday. 
Thank you for coming over to visit,
Ciao for now,

Card Recipe:
Stamp: SU! Fresh Fillers
Paper: DCVW cardstock
Accessories: Making Memories Brads, Offray Ribbon, Crystal Stickles, Clear Embossing Powder

Taylor's Cupcake Challenge #30 (Super Birthday Card :)

Hi All,

I am almost done with my birthday card creating spree. This is one of the last ones - and the one that I have been putting off because it is for a friend of ours who is a guy. I cannot seem to make a manly card that doesn't end up swirly and girly - so I have been avoiding making this card. But then I saw Taylor's AWESOME sketch challenge - and had to make a card using her sketch. 

But then, I thought about doing something fun - and was inspired by Susanna Boyd's invitation that she made for her son Jake. I was thinking manly - and thought that you can't get more manly than Super-man :) I found this amazingly beautiful Superman image drawn by Frank Quietly (you can find out more about him here and here and here). He does amazing work - and I have totally become a huge fan. 
This image of Superman was drawn by him for the All-Star Superman book by Grant Morrison and belongs to DC Comics.  I found this image hereI am not selling this card or doing anything with this image other than giving it to my friend for his birthday - so I don't think this is a copyright violation - but if I have - I will totally take this down.  I love this image and wanted to make a fun card for my friend who is a great guy with a great sense of humor - so I photoshopped a thought bubble that says" "I sure could use a cupcake".  Even a superhero needs a break, right? Inside the card is going to read: Happy Birthday to a Super Guy!

The Superman logo was printed and cut and pasted to the four corners and I attached some brads and a little stickles to the "S" on his back and called it a day. If I did anything more -I know it would end up swirly and girly. 

Hope all of you are having a super day,
Thanks for visiting,

Saturday, August 23, 2008

HAPPY BIRTHDAY ACHA! 3 Challenges in One

Hi Everyone, 

Today is my father's birthday!!! Happy Birthday Acha!! (Acha means dad in my language - Malayalam). I wish I could be there to celebrate - but hopefully soon we can all be together  :) I had already made a card for my dad - but felt like that wasn't the card for him - so I started from again.
I loved Julee's awesome sketch design for Meet the Divas challenge, so I used the sketch for the color challenge for TCP Tuesday this week, which was to make a card using the colors Blue and Orange. I love using bright contrasting colors, so I couldn't wait to play. And I also loved the  challenge from the Dirty Dozen/Dirty Dozen Alumni Challenge to only use numbers in making a birthday card (the restricted element was to NOT have "happy birthday on the card"). So since my dad is turing 70 - which is awesome and amazing - and I can't believe it, I thought I would honor this leap into a new decade by featuring the number on my card for him. 

I had a lot of fun making this card. I was trying to make the #70 look like frosting by using a little paint on top of the Alpha Cut Out letters (the #70 is actually the Letter L (upside down) and the Letter O because I didn't have any chipboard numbers that size. My favorite part was creating the door that opens to reveal Sprinkles holding a present :) The sign on the door says: We love you Acha, and was created in Photoshop. 

Since it is my dad's birthday today - I thought I would share a few favorite memories. My dad is one of my bestest friends - I adore him. I feel so blessed to be his daughter and wish I could do everything to help take care of my parent's - they are truly amazing.

One of my favorite things I love about my dad is watching him tell a joke. He is the best joke teller I know - because as he is telling the joke you can see the twinkle of laughter in his eyes and in the corner of his smile and then part way through he is cracking up and his laughter is so infectious that it makes everyone laugh also - even though we still haven't heard the whole joke :)  

I love holding my father's hands - he has amazing earth hands - strong and sweet. I love talking to him about philosophy - I used to call him way late at night when I was in college and ask him questions about what I was learning and we would talk into the night. My dad has an amazing book collection. Any book that is related to religion and spirituality he has got it - He lives in a little library at homeand not only that, he can remember these amazing quotes from all these amazing writers and so in the middle of a conversation he will suddenly offer me a different perspective by quoting someone verbatim. My dad was the one who inspired my love of reading and my love of philosophy - I love sitting on the couch with him while he is reading something and I am reading something else. 
He makes a wonderful Chai - and I love sitting out in the patio at my parent's back yard, drinking a hot cup of chai with my father as we look out at the fields in silence. I love that I can talk to my dad about the deepest subjects and also that we can just sit in silence and enjoy each other's company. I adore him - he has always felt more like my brother than my father :) He is one of the best letter writers I know - he has got amazing literary style. I loved getting letters from him when I was in Kenya - they always started: "My dearest friend, ...." Each of those letters are a treasure. 

I am an only child - so my parents doubled as my best friends and my parents and I have learned so much from my mother and father - they teach me about life because of they live it with integrity, nobility and truth. I hope that I can be even a quarter of the person that they are.  I missing living closer to them - they are all the way in Baltimore... and can't wait till our next visit! 

Happy Birthday Acha!!! You are the bestest!!!  

Hope all of you are having a wonderful Saturday!
Thanks for coming over for a visit :)
Ciao for now,

Card Recipe:
Paper - DCVW for the cardstock and I think the patterned paper also from DCVW
Ink - Staz-on
Stamps -  I used my new FAVE stamps - from The Cat's Pajamas! (you have to get some - they stamp like a dream!) and Almas is awesome! and the cake is from all Night Media
Accessories: Alpha Cut out letters, Orange stickles, metallic brad not sure from where, Red Paint, Edge Punch from Martha
Shows watched: Deserving Design on Hulu

Happy Holiday Card

Hi All,

So today I made a card that wasn't for a challenge!! Wow! It felt good just to make a card and I loved this sketch from Jen that she created a few weeks ago that I had to make another card using the same sketch. 

This was an almost no stamp card! The only thing that was stamped was the design in the pink DP, in VersaMark and then embossed in clear EP. The sentiment is a rub-on, and the stockings were from DP and then stickled. Oh and some liquid applique for the "fuzzy" part of the stockings. And then they were hung with care on a piece of rolled cardstock. 

I felt a little relief in making something x-mas-y after a slew of b-day cards. I am just so amazed at how quickly the month of August is flying by - and then its September - which is one of my favorite months (can you guess why?!). 

Alright - tomorrow is a big day - so I bid ye adieu and goodnight!
Sleep tight!
Thanks for coming over for a visit!

Card Recipe:
Paper - DCVW
Stamps - Beyond the Basics from Stampin Up! (for the background)
Ink - VersMark
Accessories - Clear EP, Metallic brads from (?), Ribbon (Offray), Stickles (Gold)

Friday, August 22, 2008

Blog Love :)

Hi Everyone,

I got the sweetest blog award message from Nellie a little while ago and in the midst of the birthday whirlwind that was this week - wasn't able to post it to do this sweet award justice. Nellie just started her blog and is just so very sweet. Her cards are beautiful as is her smile :) Thank you so much for this sweet award Nellie - you really touched my heart!

The rules of the award are:
1. The winner can put the logo on her blog.
2. Link the person you received your award from.
3. Nominate at least 5-7 other blogs.
4. Put links of those blogs on yours.
5. Leave a message on the blogs of those you’ve nominated

So this is the hard part because I love everyone's blog and want to nominate Everyone!!! But since, that is a little hard to do since its a little late at night to link to Everyone's blog - consider all of you reading this TAGGED!!!  

There are some blogs that I have either just discovered or have been blog-stalking a little bit :)
Curt  (love his style and his sweetness - and his dogs are just soooo darn cute!  )
Bev (along with her card style, i love her writing style - she totally cracks me up :)
Regan (is just so much fun - and i LOVE her name: StampyMcStamperson :) LOL! That still cracks me up :),
Kath (is a total darling who makes beautiful cards! and is just so very encouraging :)
Kisa (she is a color throwdown queen with a great sense of style and wit!)
AND Susanna - who does such an amazing job putting together Card of the week and best of the Blogosphere - she is so sweet and lovely as are her creations. Thanks for the shout out on your blog Susanna! You totally made my day!

And of course - I totally love Brooke, Savitri, Maria, and  Christiane's blogs because not only are they amazing artists, they are truly beautiful people whom I have gotten to know and totally adore! I can't believe that we haven't all met yet...!!! 

I love the magic of blogland - where you can meet and get to know some of the most amazing people !!! 
Sending ya'll big cyber hugZ :)

Thursday, August 21, 2008

Second Card for: Kristina Werner Color Inspiration Challenge #19

Hi All, 

I couldn't help it - had to make another card for KW's color challenge. On the left were the colors that Kristina challenged us with this week. I loved the card that I made last night for this color challenge (you see that card here or scroll below) - but I kinda had this idea in my head and not enough time last night. 
The card enough was simple to make - a little tearing here, a little circle punching there and slap on some adhesive and call it a day. I guess the only thing somewhat different was that the image of the cheetah i stamped on the white part of the black cardstock and then cut it from the white side so that the it was reversed. It kinda worked better that way because of the way I tore the "hill" for the cheetah to sit on. 

The stamped sentiment was inked with white craft paint and when it was dry I went over it with a paint brush with white paint... why? you ask did I do that? I have no idea... I didn't want the craft experience to end ?? Now that I think of it, I could have embossed it with white - Oh well!

Maybe you are wondering what does a cheetah have to do with a thank you card? Well, cheetah's are my most favorite animal ... I think they are beautiful and amazing. When I was in Kenya I got to see a few on the "hunt" and I totally fell in love. So for me, to send a thank you card to someone with a cheetah on it - is sending them a thank you card with so much love in it. 

Well, I am going to take off  my craft hat and put on my chef's hat now... ready to wrangle up some supper. Since school has started, we are trying to get everyone back on an early routine.... Can ya'll believe that tomorrow is Friday! Where did this week go.

 Thanks so much for coming over to a visit.
Ciao for now,

Card Recipe:
Stamps: Stampin Up! (I forgot the name of this set)
Ink: Frost White from Color Box
Paper: Black Cardstock, Metallic Gray Cardstock from Paper Company and Yellow from DCVW
Accessories: Circle Punch (2") 

KW Color Inspiration Challenge #19

Hello Everyone,

It's time for another Kristiana Werner Color Inspiration Challenge. Yay! I missed doing her last one because we were on vacation, so was pysched to do one again :) This week's colors are to the left: Black, White, Gray and the fun part is that we can choose our fourth color. That I think was the hard part because everything looks good with black and white... hard to narrow the choices. I ended up choosing an aqua blue as my fourth color

Since the wall in the photo was gray, I did the matte behind the little birds in a metallic gray. I liked the black and white square motif on the square pillow - so I wanted to have a few squares in the card. 

The squares were punched out with my CM square punches, the birds were stamped onto the squares by masking parts of that stamp and using the Stamp-a-majig to alighn the birds to the center of the square. The black cardstock used is a shiny black - I only have little snippets left - and really like the feel of this cardstock.  It was hard to take a pic of it because it is so reflective.

Well, I only have 2 more birthday cards to make - I see the end in sight :) I really enjoyed making this card and all the card therapy it provided :)

Today is the first day of school! I have to get a ton done and am so glad that I had a chance to play :)

Thank you for coming over for a visit,
Ciao for now,

Card Recipe:
Paper: Ikea Gift wrap, Shiny Black Cardstock, Metallic Gray Cardstock from the Paper Company
Ink: Staz-On Black
Stamps: Stampin Up 
Accessories: Ribbon (offray), Aqua Gel pen and color pencil. CM square punches
Show watched: Another World (1991 from - that site has everything!)

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Jen's Sketch for You to Try & Color Challenge from the Verve Divas

Hi Everyone,

Here is a card made for Jen's Sketch for You to Try.  What a great sketch and boy can I use some sketch ideas - for all the birthdays this week. I feel like everyone's birthday is rolled into this week along with school starting and a million other things that have to get done before the week is through... phew! I am just tired thinking about all that :)
So, I think that is why it was fun to sit down and take a breather and make this card. It was also made for a color challenge from Charmaine from Meet the Verve Divas Challenge - the challenge is to make a card black and white card with a splash of color.

I love a black and white card - with a splash of ANY color - so it was hard to choose - but I went with a violet color. I love how this came together - and I played around for a while trying different flowers and other embellishments in the top right corner  - but it felt too busy next to the sentiment so eventually, I decided on a bow - but kept it kinda centered on the right side. I have to say that I love this stamp set from TCP - it is just so much fun to stamp and to color! 

So let's see... 3 birthday cards down... only 3 more to go and 2 anniversary ones too... but from the looks of it now - they might just be getting a happy anniversary phone call (LOL!) ....  

So preschool starts tomorrow and then on Friday is our turn to bring snack (how quickly it all begins!) I am thinking muffins and popcorn - any suggestions?

Hope all of you are well - and are enjoying the thought of the upcoming weekend is that looming on the horizon! Speaking of which I be off to clean all the bits of lunch that are looming on the floor (can you really use looming in that context... well, regardless - I still need to go and clean it :)

Thank you for visiting!
Ciao for now,

Card Recipe:
Paper: Gift wrap, DCVW cardstock
Stamps: TCP!! I am lovin' this set
Ink : Staz-on Black, 
Accessories: Stcikles (Black,Platinum), Brads (Making Memories), Ribbon (Offray), Pearls from Martha
Show watched: Psych

2 Sketches 4 You - Kazan's Sketch Challenge

Hello Everyone, 

Here is a birthday card that I made for my father using Kazan's sketch for the monday sketch challenge from 2S4U! What a great sketch and her card for this sketch is amazing - love it!  As I mentioned in the post below - the birthday season is upon me - so forgive all the birthday
 cards that might be getting cranked out this week :)  

I had so much fun making this card ----- I got lost in craft world, while making a left at Stamp Street and totally missed my exit to  Energy Tomorrow Town while driving past an early bedtime :) But I had so much fun. 
I love getting lost in craft world... and of course I have been in lost in blog land for months.... I think I have blog fog .... I can't think of anything that isn't blog related....  or feel an itch to blurf much more frequently then I would like to admit :) But isn't that great - I get to meet all of YOU!!! 

And that is how I found 2S4U and I have to say that as soon as I saw Kazan's Sketch - I was pysched because  I wanted to try to make an inchie forthe square in the sketch, so that is what I aimed for, but it grew - but it's not qute a twinchie :) 

The window in the card is supposed to be part of a brick building (my husband doesn't think it looks like a window or a building.... but I gave him a blank stare and ignored that "critique" and kept cutting out little bricks and pasting them on... boy, do my fingers hurt from cutting little bricks out!). 

Instead of scallops going around that part of the sketch... I made some shrubery. I sketched out some bushes and a shrubby kind of tree and painted it with few layers of acrylic paint and cut it to fit the space. I am not sure they really look like shrubs - they look a little like green flubberkins to me - but I hope it looks like a shrub or 4... :)  When you open the window, the sentiment reads: Happy Birthday Dear You!  I love that little sentiment - it's so cute and little and teeny too.

Are you the kind of person who buys things that are little - just because they are cute....? I think I fall into that category... I think I am a sucker for marketing... if it is little and packaged cutely - even thought it might not serve a function... I feel like I must rescue it from its lonely existence on the store shelf and give it a cozy home.. The latest teeny weeny purchase was one little cute spoon.... that's right -- just one.... it was so little and brown and wooden and cute... but it is SO cute that I can't bear the thought of using it - so it is safely being kept in our junk drawer :) LOL!

Anyhoo --- I digress.... and I digressed so much that I don't even know where I am .... I have a feeling that the blog fog just got thicker -- so I might have to go and throw some cold water on my face and inject some hot java :)

Thanks so much for visiting and if you made it this far - thanks for reading this crazy rambling blog entry!

Hope you all have an utterly fabulous Wednesday!

Ciao for now,

Card Recipe:
Paper: DCVW (Brights), DCVW (The Stack 5)
Ink : Staz-on
Stamps: Stampin' Up
Accessories: Green Paint, Brush, Prima wildflowers, Making Memories Brads, Offray ribbon, Martha punch trimmed, Orange stickles
Show watched: Monk, Family Guy

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Mojo Holiday Monday Card

Hi Everyone, 

Its time for Mojo Monday! I didn't have a chance to play along with the 12 Anni-Verve-sary sketches - so I was psyched to see Julee's Mojo Monday Challenge. I loved this sketch - it is so versatile. I have all these ideas spinning in my head of different cards with this sketch .. just have to find the time :)
 I usually don't find my mojo till thursday - but it came early today because I got some TCP stamps in the mail!I have been eyeing them for a few months and so when I was actually holding them... I did a lil' dance when I got them and couldn't wait to use them. 
I have to tell you that Alma over at The Cat's Pajamas is awesome - she is just the sweetest ever - she went above and beyond in her shipping of these stamps - because of a whole craziness which can be for a later story - but the main point is - that She is Awesome! and the stamps are amazing - I love the way they ink up and give a solid impression - Love it Love it!!! Love it!!!
I really loved how this card came out - I haven't really gotten into the holiday realm of cardmaking because I think I am desperately trying to hold on to the last remaining days of summer - but how can you not make a fun holiday card with these cutie patootie penguins? They were so much fun to stamp, as were the mittens (which were paper pieced and colored). I can't wait to do more with this set - but I have to go clean up from breakfast first :)

Hope all of you are having a fabulous day :)
Ciao for now,
Sankari :)

Card Recipe:
Paper - DCVW
Ink - Staz-On Black
Stamps - TCP Kittie Christmas
Accessories: Ribbon (Offray), Brads (Making Memories), Crystal stickles, Corner Rounder
Show watched: Arrested Development (season 3) ... so funny - i wish they had kept it on the air longer.... anyhooooo......

Everyday Display Board - Birthday Display Board

Hi Everyone,

I made this for my friend Caty's daughter Chosie, who just turned 13 a few days ago - I can't believe she is an official teenager now!!! 

This is an Everyday Display Board from Creative Memories (it is 18x18 and comes in Black and Chocolate too) and is magnetic (with little white magnets) that allows you to display pics, things to do, etc. and then be able to change it around - it also has a hanging element, although I like to put mine on a bookshelf to be displayed. If you are interested in one of these, check out my Creative Memories site. I love doing these display boards because you can change all the elements so easily. 

Inside the little brown pouch (its so sweet  - it has little blue butterflies on it), I made 13 little tags with ribbon - and on each tag was a wish for her birthday. I had so much fun making this birthday present for Chosie - it really made me so happy and fulfilled to make something special that she can hang in her room. 

I can't wait to make one for my parents - that is the next project.
Hope ya'll are doing well,
Thanks for coming to visit,
Ciao for now,

Monday, August 18, 2008

Thank yoU!

I am so excited to even be mentioned on Taylor's Blog! She highlighted the card below on her blog and I am just over the moon! I am so psyched. I was just getting ready to go to work and was feeling blah - but then seeing this - I am totally re-energized! Thank you for coming to visit and thank you all for your sweeeeeeeeet comments!
Have a great evening!
Sankari :)

Sunday, August 17, 2008

Have A Delicious Birthday! Card

Hi everyone,
Good Sunday morning!

I feel like its been a whirlwind of a few days so far - lots of birthdays and birthday cake and wrapping presents and general craziness.... but fun. And in the lieu of fun - I had so much fun making this card - that I was cracking up while making it :)

I think I just made my favorite card! This was made for Taylor's Friday Cupcake challenge. I love her challenges - and I have missed participating in them when we were on vacation. When I first saw this card challenge - I said "Woo-hoo!" Why you ask? Well, I love cupcakes and cutting circles - so what could be better than a card challenge with cupcakes and circles??!!! Not much!!!  (how many "C's" were in that last sentence ?!? LOL!)  Her awesome sketch challenge (to the left) this week incorporated a lot of circles - 9 to be exact!.... and what popped in my mind was to do an action sequence where a cupcake was being eaten.

So I pulled out my stamps and found the cute little cupcake stamp with the cherry that would fit into my 2 inch circle. And then I stamped, masked, aligned with my Stampamajig and stamped and masked again. I took my black pen and then created "bites" in the cupcake and crumbs on the table and created a table by drawing a straight line with my ruler on all the circles at one time.
The last circle is my favorite. I think I am going to name this little guy Harold because he looks a lot like my son's teddy bear named Harold. So out came Harold and masked parts of the stamp so that it was just him in the last piece. I then paper pieced Harold and covered him with stickles and painted his eyes white. The ribbon was inserted at two slits on either side of the card and finished with a bow. The sentiment was created in Word,  to read "Have a Delicious Birthday."

This card totally makes me smile :) I was debating trying to draw Harold eating the cupcake in each circle and drawing that out - but then felt it was easier and simpler just to suggest the bites.

 I love the brown and turquoise and pink together. It was a total fun card to make and I think my favorite card so far.  

I loved drawing the little crumbs and afterwards I went over it with a little pink color pencil and a little bit of stickles. 

Its hard to see from the pic - but I love little Harold with his glitter glam and sweet smile after eating the cupcakes.... He is just the cutest... I think the hardest part of making this card was all the masking and use of the Stampamajig... but it was such a fun process and I enjoyed it so much. I suddenly had all these ideas for other cards using this sketch its just a matter for finding enough time in the day to get everything done.... I wish there were 8 days in a week and in between Sunday and Monday could be Stampday. 

Anyhoo - all this talk of cupcakes has gotten me hankering to fix some cupcake yumminess for Sunday brunch.

So off I go to raid the pantry!
Hope all of you are enjoying a super fabulous  Sunday!
Thanks for coming over to visit!
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Card Recipe:
Stamps: Clear Stamps (Inkadinkado & Brenda Walters)
Paper: Cardstock DCVW
Ink: Staz-on Black
Accessories: Ribbon (Offray), Stickles (Red, Crystal, Eucalyptus), Corner Rounder, pink and white paint, Black  and Brown Archival pen from Creative Memories
Show watched:  Deserving Design by Vern Yip :)  don't ya'll {heart} Vern?!