Monday, October 6, 2008

Tagged and some Exciting News!!!!

Hi All, 
Guess what???!!! This is my 100th post!!! Isn't that crazy!! That is totally crazy to me because - I never thought I would make it past the first card post - but here I am! So since it is my 100th post and all... I thought I would make it a little fun and special :)

So two things:

1. I have been tagged about sharing my favorite things by my dearest bloggin buddy Brooke and so I am finally doing one of these - I have been typing them in all day here and there in between teaching classes at the U and taking my son to his 1st tennis lesson (he will be 4 in December - and he totally loved it!! and he got so much exercise that he went to sleep in an instant! gotta love tennis lessons!!)  and cooking and cleaning up.... 

2. there is some exciting news that I want to share with you guys at the end of the post - so if you want - you can skip the tag part if you want and go right to that ... or here are a few favorite things of mine :)

Favorite Things

3 Favorite Last Purchases

1. My new green handbag - love it love it love it..... my first non-practical purchase in awhile.... :) 
2. My new amethyst ring - totally totally totally on sale - a total score!!! (.... totally!)
3. New Onyx black liquid eye-liner (so that I can make my eyes look awake when I am half sleepy :) LOL!)

3 Favorite Movies
- Pride and Prejudice (of course !!!) and all the Jane Austen movies and 
- Anything with Johnny Depp.... (he is my first sweetheart :) and my DH is totally cool with dat!
-Hum Aapake Hain Khoun (for Madhuri, my most favorite actress ever! - she is gorgeous!

3 Things I Haven't Done Yet
in life:
Road tripping across Brazil
gone to a Kumbha Mela

this week:
finished laundry
figured out my grocery list
finished my lesson plans (of course!)

3 Things(not people) I don't want to live without:
- my computer and my computer cord (which I learned recently is very expensive and can break in the hands of a one and a half year old)
- my little spice grinder - I love cooking with freshly ground spices! 
- my MAC lipstick - always keep one in my pocket - my fave colors are Diva, XS, Viva Glam and Underworld - I seriously LOVE all their products and their lipsticks are just di-V-ine!

3 Favorite Dishes 
-Dosha or Idili with Sambar (specifically made by my mom)
- Coconut curried vegetables with lemon rice
Any dessert with mango - also Bakalava - my most fave dessert ever!

3 Favorite TV Shows
Lipstick Jungle

3 Last Places I've Traveled
Beijing, China - I was amazed to walk part of the Great Wall - it is seriously huge - absolutely amazing - walking up the steps I would pause to see an amazing view - and then keep walking up more steps to see another absolutely amazing view -- I was stunned speechless - if those walls could talk....... here's a pic of me with some of my classmates at the Great Wall a few years ago.
Seelisberg, Switzerland - also known as Heaven on Earth - it is just the most beautiful place I have ever been - the clouds, the lake, the forest, the cows, the chocolate, the air, the love, the sweetness.... the air is so magical there! I can't wait to go back - I have a stack of pics from when I lived there - but they are not digital - will have to scan some ... someday ... the picture that you see is the mountain that I looked at from my class room - it is beautiful in all the seasons - covered with red and yellow in the fall - in snow in the winter and blooms in the spring.... somedays, I would wake up and the lake would be covered by clouds - we were above the cloud-line so all you would see was part of the mountain - it felt like we were floating in the sky - a total magical place!
Lamu, Kenya - home of the best smoothies in the world - it is a little island of the coast of Kenya - filled with beauty, dhow races, the place to get handmade silver toe rings made (still have my 2 toe rings on - they are 14 years old), the best view of the Indian Ocean (other than India of course :), amazing people, amazing food, amazing culture, amazing everything.... Lamu is one of the oldest living towns in Kenya - there are no cars in the town - except one that belongs to the mayor.... I think it is an enchanted island.... 

3 Favorite Treats
- baklava - or anything with puff pastry ;)
- chocolate pumpkin cupcakes!
-ginger green tea ice-cream (by Reeds) so good!

3 Things I'd Buy if Money Weren't an Issue
A huge house for my parents:) here with us in Iowa and a few houses for them to retire to in Rishikesh and Kerala, India and whatever else that they wanted/needed.
- Jewels and Jewelry :) 
- I know I should say something for the kids and my DH - but I think I might go with a huge craft room furnished with all the little wonderful things that makes a crafter's heart go thump thump!

And one last one that I would like to add:

3 Favorite Moments of today:
1. When the kids and I were driving home from tennis lessons, as we were passing the street that the park is on, a little burst of wind caused some leaves to gently fall in our path - and it was so beautiful to drive through these beautiful fall leaves.... took my breath away!
2. Watching my son's enthusiasm for wacking tennis balls - he cracks me up (and he cracks himself up too!) and watching my daughter (one and half years old) running around the tennis court stuffing all the tennis balls she could find down her shirt :) LOL!
3. Coming home from work and sitting on the sofa with my feet up, laptop in my lap and surfing through the internet.... ahhhhh ... sigh!

As for tagging people! I tag all of YOU who are reading this right now! Just let me know that you posted this tag and I can't wait to come over to your blog and read all your favorite things!!!!

Well.... onto the exciting news!!!

I am so happy to announce that ...............
................(drum roll please!!!) .................

Brooke and I have started our own challenge site !!!

Starting on October 11th we hope that you will join us.... at the movies!! 

Our new blog's name is: Cinema Saturday Creative Challenge! We thought it would be fun to create cards based on a movie inspiration - so each week - each Saturday to be specific, we are going to pick a movie as our inspiration to create something... a card, a scrapbook layout, a project.... anything! We want YOU! to play along and link your creations to our blog by posting a comment. The creations that cause the most oooo's and aaahhh's will be given a special little award (yet to be revealed!). 

We really hope that you all come over and play this Saturday!!! Go on and check out our blog (click HERE) - it is still a wee bit under construction - but hopefully things will be up and running by this Sat!!!

So please tell all your friends and come on over!!!

I am so grateful to have met all of you amazing artists out there doing this blog! My life is so much richer because of it! Thank you so much for all of you who leave amazing comments - you totally make my day! And thank you for all the sweet get better wishes! I think it worked! because today is the first full day that I have felt good the whole day! You guys are the best!!!!

Sending all of you a ton of sunshine and happiness!!!
Thanks for coming over to visit!
Love and Joy and Hugs and SMiles,
Sankari :)


Chris said...

Sounds like fun, can't wait to see the first one:-0!

Regan said...

well, now I know all about you!!!

Catherine said...

what a fun challenge Sankari, would definitely join you guys :)

And love the facts about YOU! and hoping to know you more.

Maria said...

Wow! Sankari! Love all the facts about you! You've traveled some really cool places. I traveled to Hong Kong when I was 7 years. . .too bad I can't remember much of anything except the double decker buses and that the city was really busy and crowded! LOL! I would love to visit China again now that I can actually remember what I'll experience.

You are lucky to have traveled such beautiful places.

Whoohoo! Congratulations on your new challenge site. I will definitely have to visit your site. I'm not much of a "challenge" sort of person but I'll try it out just for you! LOL!


Ophthalmologist said...

Hi Sankari,
I'm so glad to hear you're feeling better! And you've been to Switzerland - I was there just two weeks ago, but I guess I'm there more frequently than you, it's almost "around the corner" (okay, eight hours by car) for me. I love Switzerland!
And...what a GREAT challenge idea!!!! I'll LOVE to join you - not every Saturday because very often at Saturdays I hold my lectures or have meetings, but nevertheless...I'll join you FOR SURE!!!
Have a great weekend!

Savitri said...

Ok, before I die I am going to have to travel with you :) I LOOOOVE to travel and I'd love to China, India, Egypt, Morocco and Turkey. I'd love to go to E. Europe too, France again, and all of Asia but the above are my super wants. My hubby's a bit shady about those places so if I can find the perfect adventurous pal, then voila... travel travel travel is in the horizon :) Oh, it'd be super awesome if this ever happens!!!!

Besides the pumpkin stuff I love the same things too and uhm, lady, that's my boyfriend that you're mentioning :) Get your hands off of Johnny :)