Sunday, December 13, 2009

Flower Soft Holiday Globe :)

Good Morning Everyone,

Today Paper Craft Planet has a really fun game to play. The Super Novas all got together and played with the new Flower Soft Snow Globe CD. I'm so excited to share this project with you.... and you can play along and win a prize by participating in a scavenger hunt! Keep reading for instructions on how you can win!

I couldn't believe how many images and possibilities are in this CD - everything is already sized up and ready to go - and it makes it very easy to put together soooo many super cute projects! I made a card using on of the layered files. Everything comes in one sheet with different sizes and all you have to do is to cut it out and layer it up! I love the sweet little oval shape and they have awesome cards with the oval cut out - so all you have to do is cut , insert into the oval, fill with some flower soft and voila - you have a snowglobe!

Today's scavenger hunt is sponsored by
Flower Soft! You could win a GENEROUS prize if you play our game...

"Flower Soft makes your stamps look real,
that's why it has such a huge appeal.
You can use it on flowers or snow,
it's great for trees and plants, you know.
You can win some if you can link
the Snow Globe CD - you can do it, I think!"

Want to know what you're playing for? Comment below and link the correct product and you could win the same prize pack the Super Novas used to create all these beautiful projects! Package includes the Snow Globe CD, oval aperture cards and envelopes and display globes - that's alot of Flower Soft YUMMINESS!!!!

Check out what the Super Novas made!

Find the product on the Fl
ower Soft website that fits the clue and you could be our winner! Leave a comment here ---->on Paper Craft Planet with your answer. We will pick a random winner for all the CORRECT entries on December 14th.

Thanks for stopping by today!!! Hope you are having a wonderful weekend!
Hugs to All,
Sankari :)


Lynn Mercurio said...

Beautiful Sankari...such fun and festive colors really gives your globe center stage attention. FANTASTIC usual.

Kim Burmeister said...

Shawnie, you are Wonder Woman! Your card is FANTASTIC! It looks like you worked on it for days...wink wink! I don't know how you rock every project. I wish just by knowing would rub off! Hugs!

Kathy Martin said...

Wow, what a detailed and beautiful card! :) Kathy

Unknown said...

Hey there, Miss Bling! You totally took this to the next level. I love your colorful mind.... gimme some, pweez!

TexasGrammy said...

This is filled with fun, color and delight!

Love it!

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Ashley Newell said...

This is soooo cute! I love it!

Lori said...

This is fabulous, Sankari! The bold, bright colors showcase the snowglobe perfectly!