Saturday, January 16, 2010

Cinema Saturday Creative Challenge #62 - A Night at the Museum

Over at the Cinema Saturday blog - this week we are featuring the the 2006 movie: A Night at the Museum! This movie is filled with action, adventure, comedy and a wee bit of romance as well! There are literally SOOO many possibilities of cards you can create since this is a Museum of people, animals, etc. from all around the world! Our challenge requirement is adding something miniature in your card (in the movie - there is such a vast array of different scales - from the huge dinosaur to the little tiny cowboys and roman soliders - so we thought to make our challenge requirement one of scale - just adding something miniature in your creation :) You can check out the Cinema Saturday Inspiration Corner for this movie to help out

Can I just say that there are waaaay toooo many things/elements/ideas in this movie! Its so hard to just pick one thing - there are so many different options - sooo much so that a last minute procrastinator like me had a hard time to pick something - so I finally created a bookmark from the the theme of the movie: "Knowledge is Power" since after reading through the history books, Larry the nightwatchman - has a better idea how to handle all the people, animals etc. of the museum who come to life after sunset! The funny thing is that during our 2am conversation, Brooke also created a bookmark! We totally laughed about our brain cramps and our bookmarks!

Here is my bookmark inspired by the cute big dinosaur who likes to "play fetch" in the movie - that I made for our son who is a total dinosaur fanatic right now - the little dinosaur is for the miniature element of the challenge.

I thought that border punch looked like the back of a stegosaurus - totally very simple - very quick and the best part was giving it to my son when he woke up!

I hope you enjoy the movie challenge this week - its definitely one with lots of possibilities!!!! Please check out the Cinema Saturday blog for more details!
Happy weekend and Big hugs!
Sankari :)


Ann said...

What a fun movie! Hope I have time to play along with you girls this week! :D

Radha said...

Sweet, and simple:)))
Love the punch accent:)

Naomi said...

We love this movie!!!! That's a great one for this challenge. Your bookmark is brilliant! I am sure your son loved it! We have those books too...LOL!