Thursday, July 31, 2008

BFF!!! Blogging Friends forever

My friend Julia just sent me this Blogging Friends Forever Gold Card!!! Thanks so much Julia - you are so sweet and its been so much fun to visit your blog !

So The Rules that come with this award (there's always a catch right!?!?!) :
1. Only 5 people allowed.
2. 4 have to be dedicated followers of your blog
3. one has to be someone new or recently new to your blog and live in another part of the world.
4. you must link back to whoever gave you the award.

I have chosen the following people who are gracious enough to check out my blog and leave me nice comments!
1. Brooke - She is one awesome, hot pink toe-nailed, amazingly talented stamp artiste with a great taste in the best movies, great songs and great style (Cards and all!!!! 
2. Savitri - She is one amazing stamping, scrapping, digi-twinkle fingers genius :) only thing is I don't understand why she doesn't like buttermilk (i had to throw that one in there you know :)
3. Christiane - I am officially calling you technique queen - She always introduces me to new techniques and is just the sweetest person ever.
4. Maria -Her blog is where my whole blogging addiction began :) She is so sweet and uber talented and full of amazing sketches and cards! And she just survived an earthquake! Maria totally inspires me - because of her integrity and sweetness and of course her beautiful card making abilities :)

5. I know that this "rule thing" said I had to limit this to five people, but I can't.... its too hard.... sooooo I would like to also pass this onto Mackenzie (whose blog I just found and adore - she's got great style (I mean whoever makes a "Stamp Naked" card in the shape of a t-shirt - is rockin' the style tip!), Maria G. (I love that she does all the same sketch challenges that I love and makes those sketches come alive) and Christine (who is SO sweet and makes incredible cards - just stunningly gorgeous!) and my Fairfield blogging buddies Heather, (who is lyrical Venus herself!) Ananda (who is Bliss incarnate) and Kristen (who gets to live with La and Lu!!! Two little bliss balls!!!) :) ( I am not good at following the 5 only rule - huh?)

Thanks to everyone who comes to this blog for a visit - and also to all those who leave a comment - thank you for all of your sweet words and comments they  have really brightened up my day :)

Hope all of you are well 
Sunny smiles and hugz to all :)


Julia Aston said...

Thanks for taking the award and passing it on Sankari! I'm going to go check out your friends blogs now!

Brooke S said...

You are so stinkin cute. What a sweetheart you are. I have had a long day and snuck out early to come home and SLEEP... I check my computer and WOW what a great way to end a day.. Thanks my Bollywood BABE!!!

You ROCK!! Until later Best Wishes and Happy Stampin'

Heather said...

Aw, you are sooo sweet Sankari! Hooray for blogs and blog friends!! I don't think I've ever gotten a blog award before, it's an honor. :)

Nandi said...

Yeah Sankari! Dudette, you dont know how much you rock! Esp. when you're a Hot Tuna!

Anonymous said...

THANK YOU SOOO MUCH!!! WOW, this is awesome. You're one great crafter yourself you know. Love your stuff!!!

Been such a busy week, haven't had much time to work on a lot of craft or update the blog. Trying to catch up on blog reading and of course, cleaning (URGH!). Taking a cleaning break right now... wish I can just stop, ha!

Ok, eek on the buttermilk. Glad I didn't get the buttermilk award. Then I wouldn't know what to do :)

Have a great Sunday!