Friday, July 25, 2008

A New Look

Hi Ya'll,

I just changed my blog header picture... what do you think?
I was just playing around on the computer.... and then all the sudden - there I am changing things around..... hmmmm -  I am still getting used to it - still not sure....but I was itchin' for some change...I got a case of the change-itis....

I think when I start making up words like that, its time for me to go to bed :)

Hope you are enjoying your Friday :)
Sankari :)


Anonymous said...

Love the header ... beautiful colors.

Brooke S said...

WOW! It took my breath away! I love the Lotus flowers. It reflects you so beautifully.. I have taken on a new card.. I an a nut case I know.. I am thrilled that you love my music that means a lot. Guess what I am watching while I am working on new cards... You guessed it. "Bride and prejudice" . I needed a little inspiration and the colors and music make me feel happy.. I watch it so much it's like listening to my favorite cd. I think my favorite colors of India are the Pink and orange/gold colors that are woven together. The are so vibrant and make me happy every time I see them I just want to wear them. Happy Sunday!

Anonymous said...

I think it's super cool! I love it! I hope you had a great weekend!!!!