Saturday, February 28, 2009

Cinema Saturday Creative Challenge #21 - Bride and Prejudice

Its Saturday - and that means another movie! This week we decided to spice it up a bit and do a bollywood movie called: Bride and Prejudice, which is based on Jane Austen's book: Pride and Prejudice. Bollywood is a word that is popularly used to describe Indian cinematic movies - it is one of the largest film producing industries in the world!

When this movie came out, I was excited to see it - I love Jane Austen and I love Aishwarya -- what could be better? I have grown up watching Bollywood movies, and even though I don't speak Hindi, I still love singing along and watching movies again and again. Among Bollywood lovers, Aishwarya Rai is a common household name - she is one of the top leading ladies in Bollywood and made the crossover to Hollywood with this movie: Bride and Prejudice. Aish (as she is fondly known), won the 1994 Miss World competition - check out the video of her Miss World crowning here. She was also voted as the World's most beautiful woman almost a decade later. As much as I love Aishwarya - my most favorite actress is Madhuri Dixit but that's a whole other post :)

With Bollywood - I have found that people either love them or really don't like them. I love everything about them, I love the colors, the music, the actors... and yes, it is definitely overdramatic in some bits, but I still love it :) This movie was no different... I like how they wove the Jane Austen novel into the story of a family from Punjab India and the role of destiny bringing two souls countries apart together - and of course I love love the garba songs, bhangra songs that they threw in there too..

In making a card I didn't know where to start - I had so many ideas swirling and whirling - and after two attempts, I went with one of my favorite lines from the song with Darcy and Lalita: two beings in one beating heart... it is such a beautiful description of two souls coming together as one. The colors of my card were inspired by the wedding saris at the end of the movie. One of my friends is getting married later this year and so I made this card for her and used Julee's Mojo Monday sketch #75:

I wrote the sentiment using a Sanksrit style by writing it out with pencil and then writing over it with a Martha pen.
I placed the card over my wedding sari that wore almost 8 years ago :) I loved this sari the first time I saw it and pulling it out this morning - I totally fell in love with it again :) I thought I would take a picture of the card on a wedding sari since it is a wedding card for my friend. I love all things sparkly and glittery and love getting all dressed up with my bangles, and necklaces. 

Luckily, there are so many celebrations in the Indian calendar that there is always an opportunity to get dressed up!

Hope you have a chance to play along this week! You can check out more details at Cinema Saturday Creative Challenge!

Wishing you all lots of happiness, song, merriment and spontaneous bursts of dance!!!
Sankari :)

Card Ingredients:
Paper: Gold Paper: Paper company, red paper is handmade paper used for giftwrap.
Ink - Martha gold
Accessories: an old earring (i can't find the other one so I used this one for my card :), bling (Kaiser Crafts), Martha Heart punch, corner rounder for scalloped edging...
Shows watched: 30Rock (love it!)


Tanya said...

WOW. The details on your card are amazing, as always, and I too love the fabric of your wedding sari! Wow!

Sherri said...

Breathtaking! What an amazing card - just blows me away - and how completely special that you have photographed it on your wedding dress - so so beautiful!!

Artyjen said...

Love your card it is stunning. Bling does not come easy to me!!

Maria said...

Hi Sankari! Your card is like WOW. . .it's so beautiful!! I love the colors and your card presentation!! Your photo backdrop is beautiful too!! I love the setting. . it matches your gorgeous card so nicely.

You really captured an Indian feel to your card with the gorgeous colors.

This is one movie from all your movie choices I haven't seen. I may have to look for it online. Sounds like a fun movie!!


Brooke S said...

Ok girlie! I was totally going to write in the center of my card in Indian script but ever word I entered into the translator didn't exist.. I was not meant to be because your is totally amazing... I was totally on the make when I thought of weddings... I love that you included a picture of your wedding sari... Did you wear all the bling in the pic as well? Send me a photo of you and "K" we would LOVE to see you both looking so amazing.


Carol Dunstan said...

love love love your card, it screams... no strike that... it dances India! Love the sanskrit style sentiment, the bling of course... it's just gorgeous!

Sherri said...

Could we dare to ask you to post a picture of you on your wedding day? I'm dying to see!

Dawn said...

OHHH! I just gasped out loud! this is just amazing! I would love to see a picture of you all decked out in this lovely sari... how stunning you must be! great job with the usual!

Anonymous said...

Hey...Please check out my blog I've given you something that is WELL deserved!!!
Penny Duncan

The Mama Monkey said...

Just so beautiful! I love the colors...I am into orange hues these days! Love the texture on the card!

Gorgeous as always!!

gale said...

Wow that card is amazing! You must have a ton of little bling in your craft stash! The sari is gorgeous too!

Smita said...

Hey Sankari! Am I glad to see Bollywood mentioned here? :-) You bet! Though Aish is not one of my favorites, I am happy to see you write about the charm of Bollywood so beautifully here. And it is nice to see that you have so well retained your Indian-ness though you have been far away from 'home' for a long long time!

Lovely card and a beautiful pic with the saree and jewellery!!

Anonymous said...

Every time I come to see your creations I love the story behind your cards! And cards, WOW!!

Jaimee said...

beautiful so many details and thanks for sharing your gorgeous wedding sari !

Heather said...

Beautiful card! I love all the detail that you put into all of your cards!

Anonymous said...

Briide and Prejudice a awesome movie directed by guruvinder chadda . And Aishwariya Rai looking fabulous in this movie. The part is how a foreign by fall in love with an Indian girl that sequence is really bollywood movies

Jen said...

I am speechless! This is a wonderful piece of art. How thoughtful of you to share a piece of your wedding with a friend. Very sweet!