Thursday, March 19, 2009

I {heart} my homeies :) (some fun challenges from my buddies at PCPlanet :)

Good Morning Everyone,

I seriously don't know how this week is flying by - work has been so busy that it has been tough to find pockets to craft and I was also having no mojo these past few days. Anytime the mojo runs out - its always nice to do some challenges because its such a great way to get it back :) So I did a few of the challenges over at Paper Craft Planet created by some of my homegirlzzz :)

The first one was from the first 3D challenge over at Paper Craft Planet - this one was a challenge from Adela to create something out of a regular tin can (like a 8oz can of something)... I loved this challenge of taking something from your pantry and just altering it... so I cleaned out a can and peeled the sticky paper off and started to alter it. I totally LOVE the stamps that Melanie had released called the Best Things in Life. This is such a versatile set and is perfect for every occaision because you can mix and match the words to suit your every needs. Melanie's stamps are awesome - and at first I just couldn't decide what I wanted the sentiments to say - but then since I was working with a tin can - I went with the words: The Best things in Life are in a tin :) and decided to make a quick little spring basket full of treats and the person can later use it for something in their house :) 

This was SUCH a simple and quick project - it was no more than a 20-25 minute project. Just some pretty paper, some ribbon, ink and primas - and voila - a gift (filled with yummy gummy bunnys :) that can be used for other things after the bunnys are gone :) Check out this set and also Melanie's newest stamp sets also over at Gina K. (you have to check out all of  Gina's newest releases also -- talk about Ka-Ute!!!!). You can check out the gallery over at Paper Craft Planet with all the can-fabulous creations :) 

I love these 3-D challenge - it seriously gets me out of my box - and the challenge this week is from my homegirl Tammy - who challenged us to make this cute basket box. You can find all the deets over at Cambria Turnbrow's  page on how to make the box - You have to try this out (all you need is a 5 x 5 piece of paper). If you play along this week, please upload to Paper Craft Planet with the tag 3d4.  This first box was so much fun to make - I kept it simple because I loved the design of the paper. 
Then I couldn't stop... and tried it out with DP that has patterns on either side to see what that would look like... I totally loved that you can create two different boxes with the same DP - and still I can create two more boxes from the same DP!!! now that's awesome that you can create 4 boxes with one 12 x 12!!!
The next one I created as something just very simple - but then I saw that I had this leeeetle scrap of this pretty DP that I had in my stash - so I just adorned the sides of the box and made it my handle also.

it is sooooo easy peasy - and I bet you can't just make one --- I totally couldn't as you can see:

Next - I COULDN"T stop!!! These were waaaay to cute and sooo much fun!! and SO FAST!!!!  This time, I thought I could make a little drawer... so I made two boxes and punched out a little tab using a 1" punch. I made a bigger box using the same template to make the mini boxes and then decorated it with some papers, flowers and liquid pearls :) SO quick!!!  I made this as a little thing that could sit at my DH's desk at work. 
What is hilarious - is that I was trying to use some primary colors that looked more masculine... but see, I just can't do masculine... it always ends up with dots and flowers :) But, I am glad that he likes it :) You can fill it with all kinds of stuff, but I thought that since its sitting at his desk, I would fill it with some paper clips and some binder clips for him. 
I need to make one for my desk and fill it with a secret stash of yum yums for crafting time :) I hope you can play along (it seriously only takes about maybe 7 minutes to make a box and then you have all the possibilities open to how to adorn it :) If you play along at PCPlanet - please upload with the tag 3d4. And guess what? Next, week its my turn to be the hostess of this challenge - so stay tuned next tuesday for another challenge over at the planet :)
The last challenge that I did was Jen's Scrappy Sunday challenge over at Paper Craft Planet. Every Sunday, Jen creates an awesome sketch to get scrappy with it :) I LOVE Jen's style and allows me to get my scrap mojo on so easily.  As you probably know, I am using Jen's sketch to create a book for my daughter - every week I use one of her sketches and use the same papers, style of photos etc, so that I can keep scrappbooking  - I am sooo excited that I have three pages already done!! YAY!
I LOVE these papers - these are from Taylor's Easter Key Ingredient's Kit! They are just awesome - and I LOVE these colors and embellishments. The kit comes with DP, coordinating cardstock, brads, flower embellies and coordinating ribbon! It makes doing these scrapbook pages so easy and fun! I also used the calendar stand that Taylor has at her store - which has been a fun way to display these pages, because every week, I am adding a new page and so it changes the home decor every week - and my kids love seeing themselves displayed :) This was a fun page to do for her - showing a favorite thing that they always do - sitting by the window playing and laughing....
I love this pic of the two of them together... I love watching them play and was so happy that I captured this moment between them, they were just sitting so nicely on the window sill, and were telling each other stories. I still don't like my handwriting, but I am trying to get over the fact that I don't like my handwriting on pages, by writing something on each page = on this page I wrote: My heart always melts when I see you both playing together, I love seeing you both laughing at your private jokes - May you always be best friends.

These sketches are so fun and quick! I have made all my pages 6 x 6 because I always get intimidated by the big space of a 12  x 12 - so these pages come together really quick! If you play along this week - then you can upload to the Scrappy Sunday album for this week with the tag: sb031509

If you are still reading this - then you totally deserve a medal!! lol! I hope you check out all the awesome challenges over at Paper Craft Planet and also that you check out Melanie's new release and all the awesome Key Ingredients and other products that are fresh out of the oven at Taylor's!!! 

Tomorrow is Taylor's Friday Cupcake Challenge (yay!) You could win a FREE set of Taylor's Tiny Twinkles - all you have to do is to participate in her sketch challenge and upload it to Paper Craft Planet - for more details - stay tuned to Taylor's blog tomorrow!!!!

Are ya'll excited that its almost Friday? You know I am!!! 

Thank you so much for visiting my little corner :)
Ciao for now :)
Sankari :)


Melanie said...

you've been busy!! great tin! Everything else is so beautful too! I'd love to see what kind of page you'd make with "The Best Things in Life"! :)

Libby Hickson said...

Wow what a bunch of great projects! I especially love your scrapbook page, it's so pretty. What a smart idea to use those sketches every week to work on your daughter's book. I've been wanting to get going on my kids' books but haven't done anything yet - I should adopt your method!

The Mama Monkey said...

Yes, I was still reading! Do I get a gold medal?!! :) I love those little baskets! How cute would they be for school handouts to friends?! Your SB page is darling. I love the colors, but your subjects are just adorable as well!

Jen Tapler said...

You're amazing. Simply amazing. I {heart} you so much!!!!

Amy, Ottawa, Canada said...

holy smokes, girl, you've been busy ... AMAZING, AMAZING! So, you do have to work & be busy with the kids to and have time to do this? You're bionic ... either that or I'm lazy, so I'm going with bionic :)

Tlbran said...

Wow! You have been very busy!!! I love your baskets, they are each so unique and special. Love all the details you added to each. Cool box for snacks! Love your scrapbook page and the sewing you did. It is so precious looking.

gale said...

Wow what a load of projects! they are all stunning as usual!

Maria said...

OMG Sankari! How do you do it! Girl, you've been busy! I can barely make a card a day! LOL! Wow, your baskets and projects are just way awesome. Love all the pretty dps that you used. Hey, where do you store all your creations? Whenever I make 3D projects, I run out of space. . .I think that is the reason why I don't create too many of them. I just don't know where to store them!

I really love all your layouts. You just do such beautiful layouts. You always choose the right dps and embellishments and not to mention, beautiful photos. This LO is no exception. Beautiful job!


Heather said...

Beautiful everything! WOW you have been busy! that scrapbook page is jsut beautiful!