Saturday, April 25, 2009

Cinema Saturday Creative Challenge #29 - To Catch a Thief

Welcome to our 29th Challenge - where this week we are featuring the 1955 Oscar winning movie starring Cary Grant and Grace Kelley - To Catch a Thief. This beautiful movie was directed by Alfred Hitchcock and is a beautiful blend of mystery, intrigue, humour, wit and of course romance. It won an Oscar for best cinematography.

First of all - there are so many things about this movie that I love and was inspired by that its hard to find one thing to make a card from - and having said that - as soon as I saw the golden ball gown at the end of the movie - I knew I wanted to make a card inspired by that dress! Grace Kelley is just stunning in this movie - her outfits are just gorgeous and flowy and beautiful! I remember watching this movie a long long time ago and just admiring her every move and that her name Grace was so true to her form - she really epitomizes Grace itself! I was just blown away by her golden gown at the end of the movie at the ball - wow - what a dress - I loved the butterflies (also golden) along her dress - and so I created my card - inspired by the golden dress at the end.

The requirement this week was to have fun with layers -- I was originally going to layer strips of ribbon - but that didn't look quite right - and then I thought that I could layer strips of paper - but that suddenly became rather bulky - so I just adhered them close to each other and tried to create a V shape of the dress the folded layers of the gold cloth. The top stamped tiles represent more the bling from the jewelry and I don't know if you can see it in this picture - but there is a butterfly in her hair and also butterflies along side her dress... that was my inspiration for the butterfly on my card. This picture is originally from: here

The sentiment that I chose was - What would I do without you. **** Spoiler alert In the last scene of the movie - Grace Kelly asks Cary Grant - what he would have done without her help and he acknowledges that he needed her assistance more than he realized. I love that there are so many parts of the dialouge that are extempor - and the wit between the characters just tickles me!

Card Details:
Paper: Gold, brushed gold, copper papers from Paper Company
Stamps: Verve
Ink: Martha Copper and gold and Adirondack Expresso
Accessories: button from stash, butterfly punch, gold stickles, liquid pearls (gold)
Movie Watched: To Catch a Thief and also Made of Honor

This is a fun challenge (make a card with layers inspired by the movie To Catch a Thief) - for more details - please check out the Cinema Saturday Creative Challenge!

Can't wait to see your beautiful creations!!!

Thank you so much for visiting my little corner!!!
Sankari :)


Sarah-Jane Kalé said...

Beautiful, Beautiful and Beautiful!!!
Sankari, your card is just gorgeous. I've missed your beautiful posts this week, I hope you are OK and well.
Thinking of you and sending lots of Aussie hugs.

Carol Dunstan said...

totally gorgeous, love all the metallics

gale said...

Wow this is gorgeous!! Love the metallic papers you used.

Dawn said...

this is just gorgeous! One of these days I will have to play along with this always do such a wonderful job with them! Thanks for sharing...

thescrapmaster said...

Really cute card. I love that rich color.

Rachel Brumley said...

What a beautiful card! I love the gold on the card. You did an awesome job on this!

The Mama Monkey said...

OH my gosh, this is gorgeous! You know what I like best? The colors and the shininess remind me of old school elegance. Beautiful!

Maria said...

I have never seen this movie! Gosh, there's a lot of classics I have never seen. I should take the time to watch the old movies! They don't movies like they used to!

your card is gorgeous! It's very elegant and I love the patterns on the card. you make such beautiful elegant cards.

Hope you're having a wonderful Monday!


Heather said...

This is beautiful! I just love that paper you used! So beautiful!