Thursday, May 21, 2009

Get Well Soon Cards

Good Morning Everyone, 

Here is a quick question that I have always had - how long does it take you to make cards? From start to finish? 

For me, sometimes a card can an hour (partly because I am watching a movie and making a card, or making it in between making dinner and getting the kids ready for bedtime. So today, I was determined to make a card in 15 minutes! I set the clock and tried my best!  I tried it while making two get well cards that I made using my new fave stamp set -  Doctor's Order set from Taylored Expressions, which uses papers and ribbons from the March Key Ingredients set. 

There have been a few of my friends who are under the weather due to seasonal allergies and so I wanted to replenish my get well soon card supply! Well, how did I do on my challenge... well, on the first card I made it took about 18 minutes from start to finish - which wasn't that bad! I had a lot of fun making this cute tissue box! LOVE it! Okay - seriously -  I am obsessed with this little tissue - box - I LOVE it... there is something so satisfying about stamping it and paper piecing it - love it! 

And then I was so pysched to have made one quickie card - that I had to make another one! This time though it took probably like 30 mintes to make it - I think it was because of all the paper cutting, and paper piecing the bed sheet covers and then adhering etc.

 I LOVE this second card - a little cuppie in bed! That's just such a cute image!!! Also It was sooo simple to make these cards because everything was already in the Key Ingredients package (cardstock, ribbon etc.) already comes with DP and matching cardstock. 

So how long does it take you to make a card? 

Thank you so muh for stopping in and checking my out my little corner :)! 
Hugs to all!
Sankari :)


Savitri said...

Too super super cute!!!! Being sick sucks. I'm finally over my coughs and sniffles!!!!

April said...

Your cards are always awesome. The fact that you can get one done in 15 to 30 minutes is super. I am new at this and it takes me forever. These two get well cards are so cute!!!!

Louise F NZ said...

These are fantastic, the cupcake in bed is so cute but I love the colours in the first card.

Two Happy Stampers said...

Good evening Sankari. We have received an Honest Scrap Award, and would like to choose you as one of 7 to pass it onto. If you would like to accept this award, visit our blog and check out the rules. We have your name scheduled to post tomorrow a.m.

Have a nice day!
One of Two Happy Stampers

The Mama Monkey said...

Yeah, it take me a lot longer than 30 minutes to make a card! LOL Part of my problem is coming up with the design. Once I have that I can usually get it done quickly. Nice that the packs come with the paper. Picking things that match can take some time!

Tenia Nelson said...

These cards rock, girlie!!!

Ineke said...

Wauw, I would almost like to be sick to get one of those lovely cards. They are very nice. Hugs Ineke

Tlbran said...

Too cute! I really like those images! I am amazed that it only took you 30 min on the 2nd card. I usually spend at least an hour per card! Probably because I second guess myself too much! LOL. Love the 2nd card and the paperpierced bedcover. Too cute!

gale said...

Those are so cute. Love the paper piecing on the 2nd one!

Anonymous said...

Very, very cute. I love both cards but the little tissue box is my favorite.