Saturday, May 16, 2009

TWILIGHT - Cinema Saturday Creative Challenge #32

Alright all you Twilight lovers! This one is dedicated to YOU!

This week at Cinema Saturday Creative Challenge - we are featuring the hugely popular movie Twilight - which is based on the book series by Stephanie Meyers. The Twilight Saga has just taken the world by storm and it is amazing how huge of a cultural impact it has created globally. Every week, we pick a movie from which we draw inspiration in creating a card, layout, altered item,etc. And this was such a fun movie to do for that - there are a ton of different images and themes that you could do for this movie! And we hope that all of you play along!!!

The requirement this week was to use the colors black, red and sparkles - but you aren't limited to those colors. And even though we weren't limited - I just felt inspired by those colors and just kept the card to two colors. I love the cover of the book with apple in the hands - and the image of the apple and all the symbols evoked by the apple drew me in. So I created an apple card! :) Can I just tell you that I had SO much fun creating this card!!!

According to WikiAnswers: in the movie Twilight: the apple stands for the forbidden fruit - Bella is the fruit and her blood is forbidden to Edward. The whole notion of love transcending different forbidden interactions (vampire/human, etc.) was something that is just immemorial. They are both the apple of each other's eye - and so even though their love is forbidden - the purity of the love transcends any social convention and allows the walls that have been built up in their hearts to crumble. So I went with the sentiment: Apple of My Eye.

According to the author of the book Twilight, Stephanie Meyer, the apple for her represents the following: "The apple on the cover of Twilight represents "forbidden fruit." I used the scripture from Genesis (located just after the table of contents) because I loved the phrase "the fruit of the knowledge of good and evil." Isn't this exactly what Bella ends up with? A working knowledge of what good is, and what evil is. The nice thing about the apple is it has so many symbolic roots. You've got the apple in Snow White, one bite and you're frozen forever in a state of not-quite-death... Then you have Paris and the golden apple in Greek mythology—look how much trouble that started. Apples are quite the versatile fruit. In the end, I love the beautiful simplicity of the picture. To me it says: choice." -Stephenie Meyer

I downloaded this apple image and then cut it out on black cardstock . I also downloaded a
Twilight font and created the swirls and sentiment: Apple of my Eye, in Photoshop. After printing it out twice - I cut one up to match the apple shape and the other one, I cut out the swirls and adorned it with red crystal bling - along with one dot of crystal bling. I ran the red leaf through an embossing plate for texture and gave it a little black shading.

There are so many more ideas still floating about in my head - and I hope I have sometime this week to make another few cards!
I hope you will all play along with us!!! The Audrey recipient from this challenge, will be our next featured guest designer! YAY! So what are you waiting for!

Please check out the Cinema Saturday Creative Challenge Blog for more details!!

See you at Twilight!
Thank you so much for coming over for a visit!!
Ciao for now :)


Carol Dunstan said...

wow, this is seriously awesome! Really looking forward to more Twilight cards :)

Smita said...

Unfortunately I have neither read the book nor watched the movie (which of course never released here).. Will try n catch up the book though.. have read a lot about the series in various blogs.
I loved your card. Looks great.

Please hop over to my blog if you have a minute to spare. Have given you a little blog award, which was passed over to me.. ;-) Thank you for being such an inspiration.


Unknown said...

And you said you had no mojo?? Are you nuts? This is by far one of your best work, Shawnie my Shawnie! I wish you lived next door!

scubasubie said...

great cards!!! you always have such fantastic ideas!!
oh btw.... how do i mount my taylor made stamps? just on a clear block?

Shari said...

Thanks for the nice comment. I loved your card! It was so interesting and different. :)Looking forward to seeing what Brooke has come up with.

Regan said...

OMG OMG wicked awesome girl, You rock!!

Naomi said...

WWWWWOOOOOOOWWWWWWW! Okay, so I am admittedly one of the biggest Twilight fans in the world! I devoured 900 page books in less than a day, and didn't put them down while changing diapers. I swear for the 4 days it took me to read the books published thusfar I felt bad for my kids, but we did go out to play a lot, I just took the book! All into it, it rocks. Enough on that, this is AWESOME!!! I have to make one right away! Stunning!

gale said...

What a neat card! I love all the gems!!

The Mama Monkey said...

Wowza Sankari! Those dew drops are amazing! Love the card!