Monday, June 3, 2013

Taylored Expressions: Kid's Summer Fun Pack

Hi Everyone!

Happy June!!! Yes it really is June! Can you believe we are halfway through 2013! Wowza! Well, school is almost out for the summer for us and that means two little ones at home with nothing do! 

But never fear - Taylor has put together an awesome Kids Summer Fun Pack full of crafting accessories and paper and card stock for them to create their very own cards!! I can't even tell you HOW much my kids enjoyed making their projects! They didn't want to go to school - they just wanted to stay home and make cards - LOL - I can't blame them!! I just want to stay at home from work and make cards too!! Check out all this awesomeness in this pack:

My kids were so excited to get this pack from Taylor! Their very own paper and embellishments!!! They both started going through my stamp sets and both picked the Feeling Groovy stamp set and got to stamping right away!

 This was amazing to me for three reasons:

  1. That they both agreed on the same thing! They loved this super sweet stamp set!!!
  2. They didn't fight at all while using the Kids Summer Fun Pack  - seriously! No fighting, squabbling, pushing or telling on each other - oh what wonderfulness this was!! They were so sweet to each other and shared everything and gave each other ideas for their cards!! It was a-d-o-r-a-b-l-e!!! 
  3. They had to craft at the dining room table because I didn't have enough space at my desk for the both of them to do it together and when I asked them to clean off the dining room table so that we could get our craft on - they did it right away - the very first time (not the 8th or 9th time!!) I couldn't believe it when I turned around the dining room table was clean and they were sitting down ready to craft!! Say what?! Are you sure these are my kids?! LOL!!! They were so happy to have all this new stuff to play with - their very very own!! Here is a picture of my Tiny Chefs ready to get crafty!

Here is a picture of Uma cutting paper and stamping the words "happiness, love and peace" and cutting out the DP and arranging things by herself. She loved the rainbow stamp and loved coloring it in! Love how she arranged the sentiments!! She didn't want any help with anything from me - but she did accept help from her brother! It was so sweet!


Here is a picture of Jayanta cutting out the car that he stamped out and then colored in with his crayons. He wanted to use my Copics - but I convinced him that his crayons would work better :) 

He got excited that the flowers layered together and that the brad was the thing that could hold it together! I love how he cut out the grass and created a little scene for his car :) My favorite was his excitement when he decided to put buttons on the wheels of his car - so cute!

I loved watching my little cuties getting so excited about making cards! They have already planned out all the rest of the cards that they are going to make for their teachers, their grandparents and friends. They couldn't quite tie the ribbon so I helped them tie it but then they wanted to trim it on their own - these two cards that they made were for their BFFs: Here is Uma's card of Love, Peace and Happiness:

And here is Jayanta's card of Feelin' Groovy:

And here is a picture of them together holding their creations - they were so excited to use Taylor's stamps - which now they think belong to them...ummmm... and loved making their projects!

I can't wait to see all the Taylored Expressions Tiny Chefs who are playing along with us today - Please check them out with me:

Sankari Wegman (Jayanta & Uma)
Shelly Mercado (Olivia, Nick, Mateo)
Kerri Michaud (Carson, Avery)
Jen Shults (Evey)
Charmaine Ikach (Savannah, Arwen)
Stephanie Kraft (Sabrina)

Please check out Taylor's Blog for more information on the Kids Summer Fun Pack (which is available today!!!) and stay tuned tomorrow for sneak peeks from the June Release from Taylored Expressions!! YAY!!! Can't wait!

See you here tomorrow! Thanks so much for stopping by today!! 
Big hugs!
Sankari :)


Cassie said...

Such cute kids with their super cute cards! Nice work kids!

Shelly said...

Jayanta & Uma, you both did a fabulous job with your cards! I love the button wheels and happy rainbow...and you're both soooo cute! Hugs!

Ashley Newell said...

Your kids are so beautiful and so are their cards!

Unknown said...

Awesome cards! Uma, I love your "love, peace & happiness" card and the bling you added! Jayanta, your card is super groovy -- soon you'll be using your mom's Copics! And the photo of the two of you holding your cards is SO sweet! Way to go!

Kathy JH said...

Jayanta and Uma - your cards rock! You did a fabulous job!

Kathy JH said...

Jayanta and Uma - your cards rock! You did a fabulous job!

Shannon White said...

Wow!! You two did an Amazing Job!! 8-) I love the Wonderful scene you created in your Feelin' Groovy Card Jayanta and What wonderful colors and mix of Papers and embellishments you chose Uma!! You both did a SUPER Job!! Love both of your cards! 8-)


BJ Searcy said...

Enjoyed so much following along with the kids making their beautiful cards. You are as talented as your mom. Great job!

Davi said...

Great Kits and what fun card your kiddos made! Looks like they are as creative as their mama ;)

Taylor said...

Uma & Jayanta, your projects are SOOOO AWESOME! Thank you guys for sharing your creativity with everyone!

Sankari, I can't believe how big they are getting! Oh my goodness! I still remember two years ago when Jayanta made his "Tractors I Saw" book so he could draw all the tractors he saw during the summer. So cute!!

Charmaine (CharmWarm) said...

Jayanta and Uma, your cards are just ADORABLE!!! They are so happy and will be sure to put a smile on anyone's face!! You did a fabulous job!!