Friday, June 27, 2008

Graduation - Congratulations Card

Hello Everyone,

Two cards in one day! What!!! 2 posts in one day!! Que Pasa??!! I know, I know - its been that kinda of a day - trying to do too much... it feels like there has been 32 hours in this day... ever feel like that?  usually it feels the other way around - anyhow....
This is a graduation card made for the high school graduation of our family friends daughter -- ok ok - she graduated like.... 4 weeks ago - and I have been meaning to make a card (better late than never right?) and so I whipped this little number up,

 while I was in my craft space gettin' busy with the KW Color Inspiration Challenge posted below. Since this card was for a young lady (this one's for you Lakshmi!) I decided to give the owl some eyeshadow and then put some Crystal Stickles on her eyes -- for that fierce look (LOL!)... and of course once you bring the Stickles out --- you just want to put them everywhere - so I put them on her wings... and had to then put the Stickles away in case I just went a little Stickle-crazy :)....  Hopefully, I can get this out in the mail ASAP  - that part is whole other kinda ballgame...  I am not sure what all the ingredients of the card are ... (i am typing downstairs and i feel too lazy to go upstairs.... the only thing i remember is that the sentiment Congratulations is from G studio... I know this because I have used it sooooo often in the last few cards.  I will have to update this with the card ingredients later...

Tomorrow is Friday!!! YAY! since we are on vacation that doesn't have the same kinda oomph - but its a great thing because my mother will be done with work and we can all be together in this last weekend of June! Can you believe that its almost July! I surely can't.... Anyhow...I will end with my late night ramblings and sign off for today :)

Hope all of you are well and happy!
Best wishes, 

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Maria said...

LOL! The owl has make-up on! Such a great idea! I love the pretty colors of your card. . .that owl is such a fabulous graduation image!! Your family friend's daughter most definitely will appreciate your card!