Saturday, June 7, 2008

Seeds of Friendship Card

Hello Everyone,

We Made IT!!! Yay! After 2 days in the car together, we arrived safely in Baltimore. It was really a great trip overall - I was actually surprised at how well the kids did on such a long trip (they are 3 yrs and 1yr). On Friday when we left, we were just ahead of a severe storm system. In front of us the sky was sunny and behind us the sky was dark and cloudy. This is the same system that has caused the severe flooding in Indiana, which is where we stopped last night to break our trip in two (last night the weather was windy but not raining yet). We visited my Alma Mater Earlham College, in Richmond, Indiana. It was so sweet to see our little ones walking on the path that I used to walk on my way to class. I showed my son my old dorm room and where I used to eat and showed him some of my classrooms. He was kinda fascinated and asked some cute questions. It was really nourishing to be there with my husband and family - somehow integrated the whole college experience with who I am today. We left early this morning and drove across five states! It was fun to show where we where on a map to our son and everytime we crossed a state line we would yell the name of the state and blow a kiss to the ceiling. We stopped a few times to let the kids run around and kick a soccer ball - I think that helped them feel a little bit more settled in the car. I was so excited when I saw the "Welcome to Maryland" sign! My parents were so happy to see us and we were so happy to see them. It was 96 degrees today - can you believe it?! 10 minutes after we arrived, the kids were running through the sprinkler in their bathing suits - they had so much fun - a great way to unwind from a long journey! We had some yummy south indian cooking and are settling in for the night. So good to be home finally!

Here is a card that I made last week that celebrates friendship from the SU set  The World Over. It is such a cute set and the sentiment and images are so sweet. The sentiment reads:        "Seeds of Friendship bring flowers of Joy.

The card was stamped twice once on white cardstock and then again on green. The green portion was cut out and then paper pieced onto the white cardstock. I cut a semi-circle around the image and daubbed a light and dark blue on the edges. And then finished the card off with matting it onto the background paper and tying a ribbon. 

I dedicate this card to all of my friends -both new and old. You have all brought so much joy into my life and teach and inspire me everyday to be the best person I can be.... Thank YOU!

Wishing you all sunshine,


Maria said...

Hey Sankari! I'm glad to hear you got to your destination safely! That was a long drive and it is always nice when the kids do well . . .it's difficult if they are crying and screaming to get out! LOL!

Love you pretty card. I really love the summer colors!! They are so bright and happy!!

Well, I hope you enjoy your time in Baltimore!!


Manuela said...

Olá Sankari... How are your father? Great travel with your kids, I think is very important show to your kids about your past. I didn´t understand some things becouse my english, sorry! I would make a new card to Kristina challeng. Your is very different. I haven´t emboss, but I love it. Beijos.