Saturday, June 5, 2010

Cinema Saturday Creative Challenge #82- Alice In Wonderland

Good Morning Everyone and welcome to the 82nd Cinema Saturday Creative Challenge- where every week we create a card, 3D project etc. inspired by a different movie. This week we HAD to pick Alice in Wonderland (it was just released on June 2nd) and if you haven't seen it - it is really simply AMAZING!!! I love TIm Burton - and perhaps you all might know of my LOVE (okay slight infatuation with Johnny Depp) and so I couldn't wait to watch this movie when it came in theaters. I loved Tim Burton's vision - the man just made Wonderland come to life! For our challenge requirement - we decided to be a little open ended and decided that the challenge requirement should be just to go wild and "create something out of the box" - that could be anything at all that inspires you from Wonderland - something that goes outside of the traditional card - whatever you would like! So for my creation today - my inspiration came from a few different places:

1. from the Red Queen (Helena Bonham Carter)'s colors: I simply LOVE the bright right against that turquoise - And the way Tim Burton shot her in the movie so that her head was just huge - simply brilliant!
2. from the quote that Alice's father says to her - and that she then says to herself before she slays the Jabberwocky - to paraphrase"I try to believe in at least 6 impossible things before breakfast."
3. The mirror in the jewelry box represents that looking within journey that Alice goes through as she realizes that her "muchness" has not gone - and that she can create her own future - forge her own path - she comes into herself - just as the caterpillar goes within himself only to emerge as a beautiful butterfly - which she does - so this little box that I created was in homage to Alice's journey - and to everyday start with thinking about 6 impossible things that you want to make happen - and well, the might come true!

I painted the box with the colors of the Red Queen and attached the sentiment with a little bit of bling - its hard to take a picture of the mirror -
Thanks so much for stopping by today - I really hope you play - this challenge is such a fun one - AND there is also BLOG CANDY!! So hop on over to the Cinema Saturday Creative Challenge Blog and check it all out!!!

Have a wonderful weekend!
Big hugs,
Sankari :)


the whimsical butterfly said...

ACCCCCCCCCKKKKKKKKK! Ok, for OBVIOUS reasons you know that I love need to enter it for Oh, ALice today, holy cow, girl, this is STUNNING! STUNN-ING!

That is one of my favorite quotes, in fact, i'm on the hunt for a stamp that says it and there is ONE I found but it's long retired to Underland and I can't find it :(

This is amazing, Sankari!!! xoxo

margie c said...

Wow, this is absolutely stunning! I love the colors you chose! Gorgeous box!

hugs, margie

Smita said...

Oooooooh!! This is sooooo pretty, Sankari. Love it!

Ira said...

Wow Sankari, what a gorgeous creation this is! I love the bright colours you used, very pretty indeed!

Melissa Sauls said...

Oh this is absolutely incredible!! Love the inspiration movie and LOVE what you created!!! FABULOUS GIRL!!

Anonymous said...

Can I purchase some of this's amazing!

Radha said...

aww CC
I love this one!!!
So good!

Radha said...

2 tea spoons of wishful thinking! Love it all my CC

Melanie said...

whoa! amazing!!