Saturday, August 1, 2009

Cinema Saturday Creative Challenge #43 - Pirates of the Caribbean: Curse of the Black Pearl

Warning: This blog post is also known as: AN ODE TO JOHNNY DEPP :)

Ahoy Ye Mateys!!!

 Happy August! And what a great way to celebrate the start of a new month then featuring the hit movie: Pirates of the Caribbean: Curse of the Black Pearl, for our 43rd movie for our challenge this week! Every week, we pick a movie from which to draw inspiration from to create a card, scrapbook layout, altered creation... anything. And this week the movie is the first Pirates movie starring my main man, my girlhood crush/infatuation: Johnny Depp! Woo-hoooo!!! This movie almost went direct to video, but Disney decided to release it to the cinemas and good thing because according to Wikipedia, this movie which is the first of this series went on to receive 68 nominations including 5 Oscar nominations (one of which was for Johnny Depp for his leading role as Captain Jack Sparrow).  There are numerous curious facts, trivia, goofs and details at this link on Wikipedia, one of which is that the gold teeth that Johnny Depp had implanted in his teeth were real and were actually implanted by his dentist! Now that is true dedication!

The challenge this week is to use beads (like the beads strung on Captain Jack Sparrow's hair).

As maaaaaaannnnny of you know - I am a huge Johnny Depp fan - have been since I was in the 7th grade (which was a looong time ago :) I have simply adored him FOREVER - not only for his charming (okay fine, HOT!) looks - but also because of his incredible talent and his amazing skills as an actor - for how he picks the stories he wants to act in and how he brings that character out... truly incredible - I simply admire him and at the same time have some swoon moments with him (and also by the way - my DH is a total Johnny Depp fan as well - and my parents know so much about JD by now - they even bought me a bag with JD on it - which I take around with me ALL the time!!!!) - So hmmmm - where was I .... (its easy to get lost in JD land!)

Ah Yes - that I was psyched to do Pirates of the Caribbean for our movie challenge this week!! And I just wanted to send a huge shout out and thanks to the incredibly talented and utterly sweet Libby Harmon of Libby's Addiction (who is also a fellow Johnny Depp fan) who sent me this AWESOME card of the Deppster (man – I wish that would some day happen that it would rain JD! Thank you SO Libby – and I have meaning to send something back to you - hanging my head down in shame – i promise its coming!!!)

So there are a TON of things that I wanted to do for this movie – and I couldn’t pick just one and after making two different projects – I went with an idea I had – why not focus on my f-a-v-o-r-I-t-e  line of Johnny Depp/Jack Sparrow from the movie: “But why is the rum gone?” OMGosh – the expression on his face is priceless- LOL! Dare I say, Brillant in fact! – I have watched it so many times! 

41 SECOND CLIP: Okay quick side note: here is a YouTube video of this line: (seriously - isn't he adorable! sigh!)

2 1/2 MINUTE REMIXED SONG: Okay - now this is ONLY for die-hard Johnny Depp fans (because this COULD be construed as annoying (not in my universe as I have watched it more than a dozen times :) but here is that same short snippet of a line made into a techno song - and then remixed - this totally cracks me up - but again - huge warning that this might be considered slightly annoying to non-Johnny fans - but is hugely popular in the Johnny Depp fan circles and also with those who are fans of    errr.... rum :)

Ahhh - sigh - I love this line --- and – so in honor of this line that always brings a smile to my face, I thought I would make a card that looked like a rum jug of old (inspired by this picture ) and have the sentiment on the bottle. I totally enjoyed watching this scene as I made this card and totally feel that JD completely made this movie rock! I used the Just Rite stamp system to create my sentiment, a 1 3/4 circle punch, I drew a rum jug and then cut it out of dark green cardstock (which I thought was black because it was  a late night craft thing here) and then painted it black with liquid pearls (when I found out that actually it was dark green paper that I had, lol!)  and then added beads from.... my daughter's old dress because --- i couldn't find my bead box at night and came up with this simple little jug o' rum:

Well, I had a ton of fun - and just realized that this must be one LONG blog post - sorry about that (I could talk ALL DAY about Johnny Depp - (sigh) ! It would be awesome if you could join us this week! Check out the Cinema Saturday Creative Blog Challenge for more details!!!

Can't wait to see your pirate inspired card!!!

A huge thanks to all for coming over to visit!

See you at the movies!!!

Sankari :)

PS - for those of you who want more Johnny D here are some links to YouTube collages of him - but for some you might want to turn your volume low or off if you don't like the song - personally I don't need any songs!: Tribute 1 (omgosh this one had SO many of the photos that i used to have of him from middleschool and highschool!), Tribute 2 (sigh!) and Tribute 3 and there are a ton more... but that could be a whole blogpost in and of itself - or even a whole blog!!! Alright and on that note - I am off to the glam world of picking up breakfast dishes!!! Oh yea! I lead the glam life!!! 

a p p y   W e e k e n d!!!


cnelson said...

You totally brought a smile to my face with this post Sankari! love the cute and fun!!

Radha said...

I know it was coming... not knowing that it would be this one!!!
Anything u create... my mouth falls open each time I see it... AMAZING is the word!
Go girl go Awesome:)

Louise F NZ said...

Great rum jug, you are clever with your inspired creations, And ohhhhh swoon JD is lurvley. The song was hilarious.

Karen said...

What a fun shaped card! Love the beads (loved them before I realized that was part of the challenge!! :>). Thanks for the JD footage...he is so much fun to watch! :>

Radha said...

But why is the rum gone OL:)
I still love it!

Anonymous said...

Awesome card. Your cards are always so awesome.

It takes me forever to unpack too. I just got back from camping this weekend and I haven't unpacked either.

I'll have to have my friend visit your blog. She will love your card, she is a major Johnny Depp fan too.

Heather D. ~ Fresh Brewed Designs said...

hehehehehe!!! I so want to play along with this challenge! so fun! What an adorable card :)

Libby Hickson said...

This post is too funny - I couldn't agree more with the JD love, but you already know that!! I love the jug card you made, soooo cute & clever! And thanks again for the shout out here - I knew you'd appreciate that card. There is not "requirement" to send something back!! :-)