Thursday, July 22, 2010

Center of Attention Spotlight: Taylored Originals

Good Morning Everyone,

Every month over at Taylored Expressions, we have a spotlight on a certain product, well this month we are focusing on all things that are Taylored Originals! These are items that are exclusive and are only available at Taylored Expressions!!! One of my favorite TE original products are Taylor's Tiny Twinkles (how FUN is it to say that 3 times fast!! stay tuned to the end of my post to hear how my son tries to say it :)

All of the Taylor's Tiny Twinkles are rhinestones that come in a cute little round storage container with divisions that are there to help keep the rhinestones separated and organized by shape, color and size as well! I love how cute, little and powerpacked with bling each of them are - each little packet contains more than 400 pieces of bling!!! Holy Bling Batman that's a rhinestone power packed punch! They are all originally $3.99 but all of the Taylored Original products are on SALE through the weekend - so all of the Tiny Twinkles are on sale for $3.39! What a deal of a steal - I am stockin' up!

Taylor has 3 different kinds of Taylor's Tiny Twinkles in the store - there are the three kinds:

The Multi-Color Tiny Twinkles (small circle rhinestones). These are really tiny tiny rhinestones (smaller than the smallest rhinestone that is in the market) and are perfect for embellishing that little tiny image or creating a cute little dotted border (ahem! my favorite thing to do :). There are 12 different colors that they come in - and for more than 400 pieces in this small container - that is some serious bling magic!.

The Multi-Color Twinkle Shapes also come in the round storage container to help keep the rhinestones organized by shapes and color - and there are over 400 rhinestones in this cute little packet and it comes in the following shapes: hearts, flowers, stars, tear drops and diamonds! Perfect for all kinds of bling needs :) I love that it comes in all of these shapes - look at all that bling!! That is a ton of value in that little box!

The Crystal Twinkles like all TTT come in a round storage container to keep all the rhinestones organized! There are over 400 rhinestones in various sizes!! Talk about crystal loving - I mean - this container packs in all kinds of blingy sizes - perfect for creating a little trail for butterflies, a little bling for snow, or to top cupcakes - or just for the heck of it adding some bling to your DP!

***** With all the Taylored Tiny Twinkles - they are not self adhesive, but require some adhesive to add them into place. You can use a Quickie Glue pen (which is what I used for my projects), you can pick them up with some tweezers and dip them in TomBow mono adhesive glue and place on your project, or you can use this amazing Embellie Gellie that Taylor has in the store that picks up your adhesives effortlessly!

I created a card using the gorgeous Wings Of Joy stamp set and used the Multi-Color Tiny Twinkles to embellish the Christmas tree ornaments and the snowflakes. I LOVE that they are small and don't cover up the ornaments and are perfect to add to snow:

Here is a closer look at the Multi-Color Tiny Twinkles

I also made one more card using the Love is Sweet stamp set and the July Key Ingredients Kit and used the Multi-Color Tiny Twinkles to create a border and also to embellish the DP:

Here is a closer view of the twinkles:

Here is a video that I made in January of my son (5yrs) trying to say Taylor's Tiny Twinkles :) Sometimes if I am making a card - he will sit next to me and make something too. He was really curious at the storage container (mostly because he wanted to dump everything out and move the dials) and when he heard the name Taylor's Tiny Twinkles - he wasn't able to say the whole thing fast and it was just way too cute - so I got a camera and tried to record this to show to Taylor :)

I can't wait to see what all the other girls did with all the different Taylored Orginals from Taylored Expressions, come check them out with me:

Also, through the weekend all of the Taylored Originals will be on SALE! (they will be 15% off) over at the Taylored Expressions store) so if you haven't tried it out yet - now is a great time to check it out - or stock up on it - and with the cost of all this bling so low and getting soooo many in one container - you can stock up on a TON!!!!

Thanks so much for stopping by today!
(Are you ready for Friday as much as I am??!)
Big hugs!
Sankari :)


Radha said...

me and Twinkles are huge friends...
so it
still waiting for only 1 comment:((

It was great mixing doug:)) and how much fun with stichingg away...

slinkycat said...

wow beautiful cards, I especially love the christmas one, very stunning :)

Leanne x

Ashley Newell said...

You are so so so cute! I love the video of your son, he's adorable just like mommy!

The Spotted Chick said...

OMG!! That little video is just too cute!! Your son is ADORABLE!! Oh and your cards are just GOR-JUSS too!! You always amaze me!!!

Donna Baker said...

super yummy cards, dear! I ADORE the video of your son - it CRACKED ME UP! I hope you leave it on there forever, when I need a good giggle, it will cheer me up!

Karen Motz said...

Oh My Goodness!!! LOVE all the sparkle and bling and the fun Twinkle borders you created on the second card! BUT, that video is absolutely priceless!!!!!!!!!

Janine - Ellabella said...

Woooowwww love it. Janine

Anthonette said...

Hi Sankari,
The cards are seriously beautiful! I've never tried Taylor's Tiny Twinkles.

The video of your son is SO adorable!!! He is such a handsome little guy.

Hope you are doing well.

Brooke S said...

AH!!! "J" you are so cool... That a mouth full and you ROCKED IT...
Sending hug to you!

Sarah-Jane Kalé said...

Oh my Goodness!!! Look at all that Sparkle and Twinkle!!! I LOVE these little Tiny Twinkles... I might just have to get me some. :) Your cards are GORGEOUS .. but then again, they ALWAYS are.
xx SJ

Lisa Hjulberg said...

Sankari, you are such an AWESOME artist...the details in your cards really make them stand out. What great inspiration for Taylor's Tiny Twinkles! I love the video of your adorable son, too!

Charmaine (CharmWarm) said...

Total gorgeousness, Sankari! And that video! OH MY GOSH. . .I was laughing out loud!!! That was too, too CUTE! How adorable!

Unknown said...

I just had to tell you how cute your son is... what a sweetie. And how could you not love tiny twinkles! :)