Saturday, October 11, 2008

Cinema Saturday Creative Challenge #1 - Pride & Prejudice

Good Saturday Morning Everyone!!!

Our challenge site: Cinema Saturday premiers today!!!!  Click HERE to check it out!

This week challenge draws inspiration from 
Pride & Prejudice. 

This is a site where we (Brooke and I) pick out a movie and then create a card, altered project, scrapbook page etc. from any inspiration from the movie - it could be from anything, like the costumes, the furniture, the dialogue, the colors, the movie cover, the characters, etc. Brooke and I discovered our love for all things  Jane Austen and so we had to pick Pride & Prejudice for our first cinema inspiration. 

I think I have watched this movie over.... 30 or 40 times..... (both versions included!) and then have watched some scenes in particular over and over and over....such as both of Darcy's proposals and especially the Lake Scene with Colin Firth (...sigh..). If you have never seen this movie - you can get more information at Wikipedia, click here to read Austen's novel online, click here for more info about the TV mini series from the UK (starring Colin Firth and Jennifer Ehlie), click here for more info about the 2005 movie (starring Matthew McFadden and Keira Knightly).
For this card - I drew my inspiration from Austen's words... I love her use of language - it is just beautiful to read her books and beautiful to hear them on the silver screen. One of my most favorite lines from Austen is the phrase from Mr. Darcy: " You must allow me to tell you how ardently I admire and love you...." I love love love love that line (and love watching Colin Firth delivering them in his first disasterous proposal - click here to watch it on Youtube). 
The other phrase that I love is from the Mr. Darcy played by Matthew McFadden when he says in the second proposal: "You have bewitched me, body and soul..." (click here to watch it on Youtube). I love these two lines and can merged them together for my card. 
The outside of the card is kind of hard to read (sorry about that) and it says: "I love you ardently..." and then the inside says: "body & soul". This card was made for my DH who I adore and love and wanted to make him a special card to show how much I appreciate him for all the wonderful things he does for us. 

At first when I was making the card - I started out with more of a muted green and blue... but somehow it didn't feel... ardent enough (LOL!)  - so I switched it to the orange and kept the blue. The scalloped edging was made in photoshop and then cut in half and adhered with brads - the same motif was adhered on the inside of the card (where it was already printed out "body and soul" from my computer. 
The sentiment on the front that reads " I love you ardently.." was written out with paint (hard to take a pic of it in the sunlight...). The ribbons were a cream and white ribbon adhered together into a bow as a tribute to Mr.Darcy's collar ties. And then I of course had to paint some dots around the card - can't help it. (Brooke and I joke about my love for using paint on a card and her love for using Crystal Effects...  :)
In making this card - I watched a lot of Pride & Prejudice on Youtube.. and I feel even more in love with the book and the characters - and I love Austen's language in her book... I have been trying to talk like Elizabeth Bennett's character and have been cracking myself up in the process... Anyhoo - it has been a really fun challenge and I hope that all of you come and join us!!!
All you have to do is create a card, scrapbook page, or altered project and then link it to the post HERE on the Cinema Saturday Creative Challenge blog by Thursday, October 16, 2008. There is a very special award for the this challenge - read more details on our blog here. Also we have loved getting movie suggestions - so if you have some favorite movies - let us know! Please spread the word!

Can't wait to see what you all come up with!

Thanks for coming over for a visit! 
Hope you are enjoying your saturday!!

Wishing you lots of sunshine!
Sankari   :)


Sherri said...

Oh wow! I love your project! ...and I *love* Jane Austin!! I wish I had time today to participate!! I still might try to fit it in later this weekend, but it's Thanksgiving here in Canada and there are lots of family things going on...

Ahhh, I love that quote 'You must allow me to tell you how much I ardently admire & love you"!! My sweet husband knows it too and has written it on cards that come with roses sometimes!! Oh...I'm going to have to watch P&P again soon! Thanks for making me smile:)

Susan (peebsmama) said...

What a fun idea and what a beautiful card you created with the inspiration. I've never seen the movie.

Eva said...

Oh my goodness, what a fun challenge this is!!! Congrats on your new adventure and I will try to play along. While I haven't seen this movie yet, it has been on my long list of movies to see, so I will next week sometime! I did read the book a long time ago though, and LOVE IT!!! Your card is fabulous of course!!!!

Maria said...

Hi Sankari! Loved the movie too! I only saw the 2005 remake. It was a beautiful movie. . .well acted. I love period films.

Such a beautiful card for the challenge. Love the colors and the romantic look to it. It really captured the essence of the movie. . .how sweet of you to make cards for your husband. I should do that for my husband because he is the romantic sort. . .far more romantic than I am. I'll try to work on your challenge. . .sounds like fun!!


Curt in Indy said...

Beautiful card! Congrats on the new blog site! What a fresh idea! Best, Curt

Catherine said...

okay, i really have hard time with this one...first because i've never seen the movie (insert shock face here...LOL!) i tried to watch the trailers but no luck..hahaha. i guess i have to wait for your movie pick next week and try really hard to think of something.

btw, love your take :)