Friday, October 10, 2008

Kristina Werner Color Inspiration Challenge #25 - Celebrate!

Happy Friday Everyone!

I can't even believe how quickly this week has flown by - and I haven't done any crafting or anything this week - whaaat is goin' on?? well, nothing like a Kristina Werner Color Inspiration Challenge to fix that! I was going to do it this morning - but my friend called to remind me that today was Bike Fest at my son's school (where the ride their bikes and trikes to help raise money per mile)... so I put away any craft stuff and instead packed our bikes and trikes and helmets and water and snacks and treats in my magical diaper bag and headed off... I have to say that my son loved ever second of biking -he did a great job and even my little girl (who is one and half did a few laps on her push trike... sooo cute...)
Anyhoo... I quickly made this card so that I could take a pic in the last rays of the sun... I am so glad that the weekend has officially begun.
Here is my little card of a silhouette lady holding a cupcake (of course there has to be cupcake ... right?) I painted the sentiment "Celebrate" and then glazed it. This is an early birthday card  for our friend Julie whose b-day is coming up in a few days and owns the yummiest store in town and has the sweetest heart and smile! Happy Bday Julie!

Also in exciting news - our new challenge site: Cinema Saturday Creative Challenge premiers tomorrow - click HERE for all the fun details!! Hope you all come and play along with us!!!

Thanks for coming for a visit!
Sending you all sunshine,
Sankari :)


Brooke S said...

I think you have the same problem with paint that I have with Crystal Effects... We need help.... Cute card... Hope the bike ride was fun and not freezing cold and windy like here.... Did you make the girl on photo shop? Hope to talk later...

Savitri said...

Oh how cool!! This is awesome awesome!!! Ahhh, your challenge blog is coming up too. Oh, can't wait until I can play!!!! Oh wait, if it's this weekend I'll be able to. Yeah!!!

Amy said...

I love the silhouettes that you patiently trim out, they're awesome. Great card, as always!

Nandi said...

LOVE the card! So cute! The background image reminds me of sunflowers.

Sherri said...

Cute! I must have volleyball on my brain - because I immediately thought it she looked like she was about to serve the cupcake:)

Anthonette said...

Cool background and silhouette, Sankari. Your friend is going to love it.

My son's school had walk-to-school day this week. It wasn't exciting for us, since we walk to school everyday. I think I've only driven him twice.

I look forward to checking out your Cinema Saturday challenge tomorrow!

Jean said...

What a cool and different card - very clever idea - would never have thought of the cupcake LOL. Very lovely!!

Cheers, Jean

zukesgirl said...

How cool is that! you are SOOOO creative!

Regan said...

what a cool card- so unlike anything I have seen before- way to change it up!!

Tenia Nelson said...

Super cool card!!! Thanks for sharing!!!


chloe said...

How super cute! Love your take on the challenge :0
Now I am off to check out Cinema Saturday!