Saturday, May 29, 2010

Cinema Saturday Creative Challenge #81 ~ Ferris Buellers Day Off

Hi everyone,

Over at the Cinema Saturday blog this week, we are presenting a fan favorite movie of the 80's - Ferris Bueller's Day Off! This is in honor of the end of school approaching - we are so excited to do this movie for our Cinema Saturday this week!!!! If you haven't seen this movie - get ready for a rollercoaster ride into 80's nostalgia! We both have memories of watching Ferris when we were younger and it was so much fun to tell each other our favorite Ferris Bueller lines!!! LOL! We were just cracking up! And then we thought (lightbulb moment!) why not make that the challenge requirement!!! So this week YOU have a choice for the challenge requirement: you can either use a sentiment from one of the songs in the movie OR to use a line from the movie as your sentiment (or create your own sentiment from something you think Ferris would say)!!!

Okay so all I have to say is that I LOVE THIS MOVIE!! I can't believe its taken us so long to do it! I used to memorize parts of it - and must have seen this over and over again! I absolutely have WAY too many favorite parts of this movie to pick one favorite scene - but definitely the chase scene at the end, the part where they go to pick up Sloane, the Save Ferris sign, when Mr. Rooney says "I weep for the future" and then the very last scene when he gets on the bus (lol!!) - but I guess one of my all time favorite parts of the movie is when Ferris disappears and then reappears on the float during the parade and starts singing!!! I LOVEEEE that! And isn't Matthew Broderick SO cute? I had such a crush on him (but I am forever loyal to Johnny Depp!)

So for my card -
  1. my inspiration was Ferris on the float with a microphone singing
  2. and the sentiment: You're my Hero - comes from Cameron when he tells Ferris: "You're my Hero"
I wanted to create a bright card - inspired by the 80's sense of color and pattern and used this image of a girl holding a mic from the awesome and righteous stamp set: You're My Hero from Taylored Expressions and the papers are from different Key Ingredient's and Project Pantry Kits from TE. I love this image and it was perfect for this challenge because it is so simillar to Ferris holding a mic. I can't wait to give this to one of my girlfriends - who is truly my hero - seriously - she simplyyyyy amazes me!

So we hope you will play along with us this week!!! Its TOOO much fun going on not to! Just stop by the Cinema Saturday blog for more details!!!

Sending you all big rocking hugs!
Happy Saturday!
big hugs,
Sankari :)


Smita said...

Lovely bright card this, Sankari... beautiful sentiment.


wendyp said...

LOVED this movie!!! wow, I haven't seen it in ages. Time to rent it!

Your card is amazing Shawnie!!!

Jacqui said...

Oh my gosh - this is great. Once we get moved I hope to start up your challenges. I love love love movies and this is just a great idea to get your creative juices flowing!