Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Breathe In Beauty

Good Morning All! 

This morning we awoke to a foggy morning. The air feels cool and crisp and the birds are chirping and the land around us is covered in a gentle fog. Its a beautiful morning in the neighborhood :) Today we have the end of school picnic, filled with fun, food and  little pre-schoolers running around with jolly giggles. 

Here is a card that I made for the Rubbernecker Blogger Challenge - which is a sketch challenge. It was a challenge for Tuesdays, but I didn't get around to it till this morning. But I thought that I would still post it, even though its a day late. The challenge was to make a card using this sketch.

Somehow this sketch was a little bit harder than I thought - but afterwhile, I landed on this card. This isn't a usual card for me  - not that I know what usual is - but I guess that is the point of the sketch challenge - to use the card space in different ways and figure out which elements should go where.... Anyhow - here is the card:

Here is a close up of the flower detail, enhanced by some black acrylic paint:

The texture of the flower is something that I like very much. I am not sure where the paper is from, but the stamps are from SU! The Art of Life. And the background to the flowers has Diamond Stickles. The sentiment from this card came from Chrystos who I had a brief chance to meet at a conference where she read from her book: Not Vanishing. When she signed my book, she wrote "Breathe in Beauty." I have always remembered that and treasured that and it has always inspired me - hard to believe it was almost 13 years ago!

How amazing it is to be on this journey of life. There are glimpses during my everyday busy life where I glimpse the infinite and have a chance to breathe in that beauty. Those moments nourish and sustain. 

Wishing all of you sunshine, moonshine and starshine,


Anonymous said...

What a beautiful card! I love all the textures!

Unknown said...

Hey Hon,

Great cards! and a great blog! ...

Looking forward to all the posts and beautiful cards you've made (late into the night! :))

Love you! You're doing great!


Maria said...

Hi Sankari!!

Whoohoo! I didn't know you had a blog! Yay! Welcome to blog land!! Looks like you're on your way on being a regular blogger! I look forward to seeing your work.

Well, you did a wonderful job with the sketch. Your card is GORGEOUS!! I really love the pretty colors of your paper and the flower is fabulous!!


Anonymous said...

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