Saturday, June 14, 2008

Color Inspiration Challenge #11

Hi Ya'll,

After road tripping across 7 states from Iowa to Maryland with two little ones under the age of 3 - we finally made it to my parent's house happy and relieved. We have been here in Baltimore this last week for my father's surgery. I cannot even tell you how intense this week has been - but everyone has had their sweet attention on my dad and thanks to that - he came through the operation ok (for an aortic aneurysm with a double bypass on the femoral arteries). Thanks to everyone's prayers and good wishes he is doing fine. And he got to come home today!!!! YAY! I am so grateful for every little thing. It is so good to finally see him home without any tubes or wires - sigh - what a huge relief. 

My travel craft pack has been packed in a box this week while we went back an forth from the hospital. The one thing that has caused that craft pack to open is Kristina Werner's Color Inspiration Challenge. I thought I could resist doing one - but I couldn't. So last night - out came the mini craft travel kit and I tried to see what I had with these colors for the challenge:  Whisper White, So Saffron, Going Gray, Rose Red and Old Olive. Kristina got her inspiration from this picture from Ikea:

I love Ikea - I got lost in there for a week once - just always came out filled with ideas. So here is my take on her challenge. Hope its ok. I just realized how hard it is to photograph a picture and have it feel true to life - I finally took my card outside and set it in the grass and tried it with the sunlight - which felt more apt since the card was filled with butterflies.

The recipe for the card is pretty simple -  cardstock colors according to those of the challenge, some brads, some embossing powder and the butterfly stamp from (? oh dear - I have packed everything away - will have to post that later :)

I love these color challenges because they make you think in a different way than you usually think - and makes you try and play with the space a little differently. I feel so recharged after making a card - phew! I needed that - its so amazing how doing something creative can cause all the endorphins to rush around and create little tiny bubbles of bliss cruising around your body :) Wow  - I think I will have to find a nook here to unpack my craft pack and make a card every day to post. Can't wait to see the Round Up on Kristina's blog and also the next MACM on Youtube Hope all of you are well. 

Wishing you lots of sunshine (please let me share this heat wave on the east coast with ya'll)
Happy Crafting :)


Anonymous said...

what a great really highlights the colors Kristina picked out. Have a wonderful less stressful week ahead! Donna

Anonymous said...

I love the outcome of your inspiration! Pretty butterflies and soothing colors. Very nice!