Friday, August 29, 2008

2 Sketches 4 You - Laura's Sketch Challenge

Hello Everyone,

I am so happy that I finally got to do a card using the sketch from  2 Sketches 4 You  (this week was Laura's Sketch #7) I have to say, that I get a little sad if I don't get to do this challenge because not only are Laura and Kazan's sketches pretty cool -  they make me think outside of my little box AND it is also amazing to see all the wonderful cards made by all the amazing artistes from around the world. This week has been so busy - so I was glad that I finally had a chance to sit down and do this challenge - it was so therapeutic. 

Seriously, Stamp Therapy should be something that your doctor should recommend so that you can get time off from work to stamp and have it be paid for through your insurance so that you can get all the stamping/crafting supplies that you need.... Can you imagine that!?!!! Wouldn't that be awesome!!

Anyhoo, I digress :)   I loved Laura's sketch and saw so many possibilities - so for one of the possibilities. I rotated her sketch 90 degrees counter clockwise for my card. Doing this created a little flap for a pocket in the card -  for another smaller card to go into. 
This card was made for one of my dearest friend's from highschool's son - who is turning one in a week!!! His name is Zach, but he is affectionately known as "Z" - so for the card, I highlighted the letter Z and the number 1. 
The smaller card with the Z chipboard, pulls out to reveal a smaller card and for this little card - I am going to write some special wishes for him for his first birthday! He is such a great little guy - actually, I shouldn't say little because he is somewhat of a tank :) (he's got Michelin Man thighs :) and he is just so yummy to hold (as is his big brother :)
The large card measures 3 1/2" by 5" and the smaller card measures 2" by 3 1/2". I loved making this card because it is for someone so very special and that always makes the process so much more fun and special :)
It's Friday - YAY! It's the last friday in August and you can feel the slight crispness in the air indicating that fall is on the way. There are a few trees whose leaves are changing and its starting  
to get a leeeetttle cool - LOVE IT!! My favorite month is September - because its my birthday month! Maybe I will have to give some Blog Candy away next week on my b-day!...... hmmm....! stay tuned! Yay! I love birthday's - I love celebrating the miracle of birth and the miracle of each and every day.  
Speaking of everyday miracles, Jen has a great a idea on her blog called +365, where you write down something positive about yourself/your day etc. I started to do that and have really enjoyed the difference I have noticed - I feel more aware of the beauty of it all and that every moment can be beautiful and perfect 
So my highlight or +365 from yesterday was swinging in the park with my kids - it was so great to watch their little itty bitty legs kick back and forth and to also sit in between them and swing so high - to feel the wind in your hair - to feel the sun on your face - to breathe in the beauty of life, to hear the sweet little laughter of my children being carried to the world by the wind.  I love swinging 
so high into the sky that the metal frame of the swing shakes a bit.... and also i loved that my children thought I was so cool because I could go so high :) Thank goodness it doesn't take much at this age, LOL!

I feel so grateful for this blessing of being alive. So thankful..... each and every moment is so precious. And in doing this blog and being able to meet so many of you wonderful artists, I feel like the world is a smaller place :)
Have a wonderful Labor Day weekend everyone! Drive safe, enjoy your family and most of all.... hope you get to have lots of belly laughs! 

Thanks so much for coming over for a visit!
Wishing all of you happiness,
Sankari :)

Card Recipe:
Paper: DCVW for the blues, K & C company, paint sample (Tuscany Tan) for the beige
Ink: Blue marker
Stamps: Typewriter Lowercase Alphabets  by Inkadinkado
Accessories: Blue & Green ribbon (Offray), sticker embellishment (the giraffe) from Jolee's, Making Memories Chipboard, Blue Paint, Waterfall Stickles, hole puncher
Show watched: What Happens in Vegas 


Brooke S said...

LOVE the card for Zach. He has to be cute with a name like that and thick thighs... I love all the texture and colors and layers and....pretty much everything. It's basically just a fun card. What a wonderful card for a child He will love all the texture and ribbon to pull on al play with... What a sweet friend you are.

Happy Friday.

Bev said...

Cute!! :)
P.S Did you see you won my blog candy? Email me your addy please!

kath said...

this is fabulous work - just love it and I quite agree that crafting is very therapeutic and everybody should get time off work to do it - I am lucky I get to craft all day long....that's my work

Savitri said...

Woah! Me LIKEY!!! What a fun card. Too cute!!! Wowser!!

I craft to wind down. I'd stay up late but then I'd feel good. When I sleep early and no craft, I get sooo tired the next day!

Catherine said...

Sankari, you just rock all the challenges girly =) love this one... A LOT!

Laura Davis said...

Oh my goodness this is just adorable! I love your work:) Thanks for the b-day wishes!

Joke said...

What a lovely fun card. I'm sure Zach ans his family are going to love this one!


Heather said...

Oh my gosh, how cute! and I love the +365 thing, it's so important to keep perspective on the good things in life!

Curt in Carmel said...

Sankari! This is awesome! Such detail! You put a lot of work into this and it shows! Well done! Best, Curt

Donna said...

what a precious card, I hope it goes in a box for 'Z' to be able to read when he gets older (my sister is doing that for my niece)so I love sending her stuff. I love all the dot detailing and buttons under the giraffe are sweet. I've missed doing these sketches too! I like the idea of the stamp therapy & also love you sharing about the 365 thing - i can just imagine you swinging with your kids - too fun!