Monday, August 25, 2008

Taylor's Cupcake Challenge #30 (Super Birthday Card :)

Hi All,

I am almost done with my birthday card creating spree. This is one of the last ones - and the one that I have been putting off because it is for a friend of ours who is a guy. I cannot seem to make a manly card that doesn't end up swirly and girly - so I have been avoiding making this card. But then I saw Taylor's AWESOME sketch challenge - and had to make a card using her sketch. 

But then, I thought about doing something fun - and was inspired by Susanna Boyd's invitation that she made for her son Jake. I was thinking manly - and thought that you can't get more manly than Super-man :) I found this amazingly beautiful Superman image drawn by Frank Quietly (you can find out more about him here and here and here). He does amazing work - and I have totally become a huge fan. 
This image of Superman was drawn by him for the All-Star Superman book by Grant Morrison and belongs to DC Comics.  I found this image hereI am not selling this card or doing anything with this image other than giving it to my friend for his birthday - so I don't think this is a copyright violation - but if I have - I will totally take this down.  I love this image and wanted to make a fun card for my friend who is a great guy with a great sense of humor - so I photoshopped a thought bubble that says" "I sure could use a cupcake".  Even a superhero needs a break, right? Inside the card is going to read: Happy Birthday to a Super Guy!

The Superman logo was printed and cut and pasted to the four corners and I attached some brads and a little stickles to the "S" on his back and called it a day. If I did anything more -I know it would end up swirly and girly. 

Hope all of you are having a super day,
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PaperAddictJenn said...

What a cute cupcake card!


Catherine said...


Ashley Newell said...

How fun is this!?!

Tanya said...

That is CUTE! Excellent for a guy and funny- which guys seem to like too.

Rachel Hope said...

I love it!!! What a great thought for that picture!

Heather said...

Ah, this one totally cracks me up!!