Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Everyday Display Board - Birthday Display Board

Hi Everyone,

I made this for my friend Caty's daughter Chosie, who just turned 13 a few days ago - I can't believe she is an official teenager now!!! 

This is an Everyday Display Board from Creative Memories (it is 18x18 and comes in Black and Chocolate too) and is magnetic (with little white magnets) that allows you to display pics, things to do, etc. and then be able to change it around - it also has a hanging element, although I like to put mine on a bookshelf to be displayed. If you are interested in one of these, check out my Creative Memories site. I love doing these display boards because you can change all the elements so easily. 

Inside the little brown pouch (its so sweet  - it has little blue butterflies on it), I made 13 little tags with ribbon - and on each tag was a wish for her birthday. I had so much fun making this birthday present for Chosie - it really made me so happy and fulfilled to make something special that she can hang in her room. 

I can't wait to make one for my parents - that is the next project.
Hope ya'll are doing well,
Thanks for coming to visit,
Ciao for now,

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Savitri said...

This is just GORGEOUS!!! Yeah! It's a start of your scrapbook! :) She'd love it I'm sure, just gorgeous. What a super nice gift!!!