Friday, August 8, 2008

Easy Breeze-y Days of Summer :)

Hello All,

We just got back from the cabin yesterday (thursday) and it was just wonderful. The cabin is in Northern Minnesota and is maybe  3 hours from the Canadian border - it is so beautiful there! I love this picture of my daughter navigating the waters up at the lake (and in the distance, my DH and son are getting ready to go out into the waters ). 

The cabin experience is always wonderful - lots of relaxation - lots of swimming, boating, swinging in the hammock and hitting the flea market :) The kids just loved loved loved being in the water - I think they could just be there the whole day - they could have eaten breakfast, lunch and dinner in the water... :) Ahhh the easy breezy days of summer....  LOVE it!

Today is the first day that I have had internet in almost a week!!! Isn't that crazy!!! Especially when you realize that you might be a blog addict! Anyhoo we are leaving Minnesota in two days and are soaking up all the warm sun and fun family times while we can. Hope all of you are enjoying your summer and are all happy and healthy!!! 

We will be home at the end of the weekend - can't wait to craft soon!!!

Wishing you all sunny smiles,
Ciao for now :)


Ophthalmologist said...

Hi Sankari!!! Enjoy your last days of your summer holidays! Hope to see some sunny and beach-inspired projects on your blog soon!

Loni said...

Hi! I miss you! There is always so much beauty in EVERYTHING you do, it is so inspiring!

Brooke S said...

How fun I love the thought of camping in cabins.. I am not a tent girls so much... Send me you post address when you get back I have a little something for you...
Thanks for the most amazing message ever.. You Rock more!!!

{Heart} ya!

Nandi said...

Cuteness ebbs from the picture! Muy cute.

Catherine said...

how cute is that picture =) ENJOY!

Maria said...

Awww. . .the picture is definitely a great scrapbooking picture!! Such a great shot!!

Your daughter is so cute. . .such curiousity!! Glad to hear you had a fun trip. . .despite not having the Internet! LOL!