Wednesday, August 13, 2008

RAK from Mackenzie!

Hello Everyone,

Here is a lovely card from the lovely Mackenzie that greeted us as we returned home from our summer travels. I made a card for Mackenzie's Aunt Joan a little while ago - which was so fun and enjoyable to make a card for someone special. 

I love this sweet card - the scoring that you can't quite see in this picture really makes this card so sweet and the sweetest thing of all was the beautiful message inside :)

Thank you so much Mackenzie! I am always amazed by this blogworld where you can connect with someone you have never met - I think that crafters are just awesome! Meeting and getting to know all of you amazing people who blog has made the world feel smaller and cozier! Cheers to all of yoU!

Ciao for now,
Sankari :)

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