Monday, September 8, 2008

Blog Candy Winner!!!

Good Rainy Monday Morning to all,

Thank you all of you who posted such lovely birthday wishes and such lovely birthday traditions! You all had some beautiful ways 
to celebrate birthdays and I can't wait to incorporate all of your traditions into my next birthday! I wanted to print out all your comments but my printer didn't work this morning, so I wrote down all of your names and put them in our big orange party hat. 
My son had already left for preschool this morning - so I had to enlist the help of our daughter (1 
1/2 years old :) to pick out a name. As soon as she saw the hat - she wanted to wear it - (which is kinda hilarious since it covers her body till her knees :). We put all the names in the hat and then she picked a name....... which is................

ALYSSA! Alyssa posted this comment about her birthday traditions. 

Happy Birthday! My favorite birthday tradition is to celebrate my birth-MONTH! My poor husband has to treat me even more like a princess than he already does for the entire month of September!! :) Hope your day was wonderful and you get to continue the good feelings throughout the next year! Thanks for the chance...

(I am liking the sound of a birthday month!!! what a great idea!) Congratulations Alyssa - hope you enjoy the board! It is really a lot of fun to play around with ! Please let me know your address so that I can get that out to you right away!!!

Thanks to everyone for all your wonderful wishes - I don't think I have had such a great birthday in such a long time!!! 
Best wishes to all,


MacKenzie said...

Glad you had a great birthday! I tagged you on my blog :-)

zukesgirl said...

Hey I had no idea you were in Minneapolis too (saw it on your twitter) Hope I run into you at ScrapFest!

Birthday MONTH! wish I could talk my hubby into THAT one! Congrats Alyssa -- Enjoy!!!

Savitri said...

Congrats Alyssa! Glad your bday went well. Fam and all :)