Thursday, September 18, 2008


Hi Everyone,

I usually post cards and craft projects on my blog- but I felt moved to post this news that I just received. I just found out that a classmate of mine passed away earlier this month after a 14 month battle with lymphoma. He was 34 years old - and is survived by his parents, his 2 sisters, his wife and their two sons Eli (4) and Reed (1). 

I went to his blog - and was just blown away by David's strength and was inspired by his story and struggle. If you have a chance - you can read his story here.

The reason that I post this story here is because I was so moved by something David wrote almost a year ago when it seemed as if chemotherapy was working - what a beautiful way to look at life - I am inspired by his outlook and his strength:

"With renewed strength, my mind has come back to life, and a recurring theme today has been that there just ain't many important things in life. I feel liberated and carefree. Guy cuts you off? Who cares. Business deal goes south? There are others. Eli wants a hug? I held on for a full two minutes (as long as he would let me) and if Heaven and love can be wrapped into a physical feeling, then I felt it at that moment. Now that's important. That's living." 

These past few weeks have been so busy - and reading David's words tonight, shifted things back into perspective. It is such an inspiring way to live. 

Sending all of you beams of sunshine :)
Best wishes,


Moonegirl said...

Beautiful! I stayed up extra late to sing to one of my little ones who couldn't sleep. Thank you for visiting my site and the sweet things you wrote. It made my day! Well, that and the sweet toddler I sang to sleep.:) I wish you a day free and liberated and full of that Heavenly feeling he had!!!

Savitri said...

Just awesome! Very inspiring!!

Yes yes yes, been sooooo crazy busy and instead of trying to play catch up with what I WANT (not need, just want), I should just let it all go and spend my time with those that are important.

Have a great Friday and weekend! As much as I want to this weekend will not be dedicated to crafting or blog hoppin'. Sending you great wishes before I unplug for the weekend.

Maria said...

Hi Sankari, I'm sorry to hear of your classmate. I read a bit of his blog and yes, he had strength and hope even towards the end. It's sad that he died so young.

It does bring things into perspective. We sometimes focus on the unimportant things in life, things that have very little meaning in the scheme of things.

Hope all is well on your end!! Life has been busy for me too! I'm loving all the beautiful cards you've been creating!! Keep up the beautiful work!