Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Taylored Expressions Sneak Peeks - Day 3

HI Everyone!!!!
Its the third day of sneak peeks from Taylored Expressions and today Taylor is peeking some amazing stamp sets to help you get your holiday organization ON!!! The Baker's Dozen will be showing samples from the stamp sets called: Tag You're it, Keeping Tabs and  Take Note Holiday stamp sets which are all ready for you to create some really cute tags for the holidays or even create a holiday organizer! Our amazing illustrator Nancy McKinney designed these beautiful stamp sets and she has also designed two different Christmas lists to coordinate with the Take Note Holiday Stamp set - both of which will be available as a download! LOVE that convenience.

I used the Take Note Holiday stamp set along with the Keeping Tabs stamp set to create this holiday book with the new Project Pantry kit called: Tinsel and Twig! I am never ready for the holidays - and I am hoping fingers crossed that this year will be different! I already feel great that I have an organizer to help me through it!!!

There is a super cute tab stamp in the Keeping Tabs stamp set that comes in different designs (filled and not filled) that will definitely help you keep tabs! Taylor is also coming out with a *NEW*  tab die cut to help you cut it - and what is great about this die cut - is that it cuts it so that you can fold it in half and create a tab!!! I used the Keeping Tabs die along with the Take Note Frame 3 Die that coordinates with the super sweet stamp in the Take Note Holidays Stamp set. I used the Copper Squares that Taylor sells in the store to cut out my tabs and then embossed over it.

Here is what it looks like when it is opened:

 I LOVE that the dies can cut through the copper and the embossing gives it a fun look: I love all the different words that are there that will help create the perfect organizer for each person depending on what it is that they would like to organize! 

I divided my notebook into 4 main TABS:
1. a To Do section - I created a little pocket to put in lists and such
2. A Gift section - I have tabs for both giftcards and also for any coupons for gifts that I made find ( I LOVE that these are both words that are in this stamp set!)
3. Receipt section - This section has three pockets for all the receipts from the holiday season - I always dread not being able to find a receipt to return a gift - so I wanted to make sure that there were enough pockets for them! Also on the other side of this page I created a little "Menu" section - to put little recipes for the holidays that I might find here and there - I can just put it all in this section
4. And the last section was to have a place for all my card addresses - who sent us a card - any change in address - who I need to send a card to etc. - for this section - I created a little notebook.

The first page when it is opened - shows tabs and pockets for "To Do lists" and also for 
"Receipts and Coupons":
Here is a closer look at the second page, the stamp set: I LOVE each of the different TAB stamps in the Keepin Tabs stamp set and it was so super easy to cut out the tabs with the Keeping Tabs Die! I created a little envelope for the gift cards and also another little pocket for the coupons - I am actually ready for some holiday shopping now!!!

Here is a close up of the next page - I am always loving all the menu ideas from Martha Stewart and now I have a pocket to put them all in. Also I created a pocket or three for keeping track of all my recipets:

 Here is a closer look at the receipts pocket - I created three different pockets to hold recipts large and small:

 And lastly - I need a little notebook for keeping track of the cards I send and who sends them to me - so the last section is for all the cards received and sent:

Here is a closer look at the first page - isn't this sweet little Santa from the Take Note Holidays stamp set - isn't he the CUTEST!!!! Taylor will also have a download that 

I can't wait to see what all the Baker's Dozen girls have created today!!! Surf on over with me and check them out!!!

Regina Mangum

Nancy McKinney - our amazing illustrator

and of course the awesomest: Taylor VanBruggen

Thanks so much for stopping by today!!!
Tomorrow is release day - so stop on over for more fun!!!

Sankari :)


Michele Kovack said...

What a darling planner this is! So many pretty details!

Karen Giron said...

THUD!! This is a work of art!! You can't possibly *write* in it!?? Can you? Seriously - beyond beautiful.

Jodi Collins said...

Holy guacamole! I'm with Karen...there is no way I would be able to write in's WAY too gorgeous!

Jess Willison said...

This is amazing! I must agree with Karen!

Lisa Hjulberg said...

Spectacular!!! I want one!

Jami said...

OMIGOSH Girl!!! You must have used everything in both stamp sets and the whole PP kit! What you've created is over the top AMAZING!

Norma said...

Beautiful planner love it all!!!

Becky Thomas said...

I love it! Beautiful work as usual.

Nancy said...

I'm still not sure you sleep, Sankari! The detail is incredible. I'm with Jodi, it's too gorgeous to write in.

Zgirl said...

This is awesome! I love all the papers you used so vibrant and bright. Amazing - I too couldn't bear writing in it. Thank you for leaving a comment on my blog - I was so excited that I immediately called my husband telling him that a celebrity had left a comment on my blog! =0). Naz

Donna Baker said...

whoa - that is one fancy holiday planner! you're going to be SO prepared this year now!

Laurie Chilton said...

This is just adorable Sankari. The time it must have taken for you to create this masterpiece. It is just gorgeous! :)

Regina Mangum said...

Sankari, you are the queen of fabulous. This is just amazing and I agree with in the world could you bring yourself to write in this??? XOXO

Karen Motz said...

Jaw-dropping!!!!!!!! Yes, your creation is completely jaw-dropping!!!!! It's SO pretty!!! I second Karen's question though...are you really gonna write in it?!? LOL!

Melissa Sauls said...

My goodness girl, this is just STUNNING!!!! I'm totally with way could it actually be "used!" This is something you just set out and stare at!

Tasha said...

Wow this is amazing - you alteing skill are fantatic i love this!
love tasha xx