Saturday, February 6, 2010

Cinema Saturday Creative Challenge #65 - Sleepless in Seattle

Welcome everyone to our 65th Cinema Saturday Challenge - where we pick a movie every saturday and then create a card with that as our inspiration! This week for Valentine's Day, we picked the Oscar Nominated movie: Sleepless in Seattle. I have seen this movie so many times and yet - can still watch this movie and get nervous that she is too late at when she is running to get to the Empire State Building!! LOL!

I think one of my favorite parts of this movie is when Meg Ryan and Rosie O"Donnell are watching the beautiful movie: An Affair to Remember. If you haven't seen this movie - you MUST I love when they were quoting Deborah Karr - Oh! What an amazing movie (seriously - you will love this movie - it is so smart and witty, and romantic and brilliant!). It was hilarious when Rita Wilson was describing this movie to Tom Hanks character and she starts crying (I watched this with my MIL and we were both crying at the end... sigh, sob!) and then I love it because Tom and Bill Pullman's character describe the Dirty Dozen movie in the same way! LOL! I love when Meg Ryan writes that she will meet him on the top of the Empire State Building just like Deborah Karr did with Cary Grant -- so that was my inspiration for the movie - that and the elevator doors at the Empire State Building: here is my attempt to take a picture of my inspiration pic from the movie (as I am watching it!! lollol!!)

I love the way they talk about destiny and magic in this movie - and how the heart sparks in recognition when he meet your beloved :) So I created the sentiment: Love is Magical for my love card for my DH :)

I loved watching the little boy Jonah in this movie - how cute is he? -- sigh... The way they show the relationship between father and son is well done! And I love that Jonah is the one who likes Annie's letter - so sweet!

Well, we hope that you will play along with us this week!!! Its really simple this week - just create a card with a red heart on it inspired by Sleepless in Seattle!!! How easy is that!?! And then link your card to the Cinema Saturday blog!!

Thanks so much for stopping by today!
Big hugs!
Sankari :)


WickedPixie said...

Wow, this is beautiful! I always love everything about your cards - your colors, your textures, your layouts and that indescribable something that makes them so wonderful, and I am especially loving the free-form sentiment panels you are using lately! Thanks for all of the inspiration! :-)Traci

Radha said...

he sweet!
That is a good ~~~love -card~~~
That was a nice surprice on the street... a gr8 reason 4 me to live in FF, IA!!!!
Love and see u tomorrow!

Heather said...

Wow! That Truley took my breath away!!!

CathyRose said...

This card is simply stunning!

Rosanne said...


~kelly marie~ said...

Absolutely gorgeous!

Naomi said...

Love the richness of this card. The depth of the colors, and the amazing papers. My fave element is the way you added the sentiment. Perfect!

Nancy K said...

Such a beautiful Sankari -you always come up with such beautiful cards!! I love the teeny Empire State building -so cute!