Tuesday, June 23, 2009

A Beary Special Gift Set

Good Morning Everyone!
Good Morning! 

So do you remember when I mentioned that I no longer have a craft corner. Its true -I had to take it down because we have some family visiting and there is no room! So instead I am crafting out of boxes and doing it in my closet! LOL!!! (the new name of this blog is Sankari's Sunshine Closet :) 

I had alot of fun creating this fun little gift set in my closet last and here is a sneak peek of a part of a gift set that I made for the Stamp a Sweet Impression blog.

Please hop on over to The Stamp a Sweet Impression blog and check out a few pictures of this fun little gift set - would love to hear what you think :)

Thanks so much for stopping by!!!
You guys are the real sunshine!
Sankari :)


Karen said...

I know that you made this as a gift set, but if you are working out of boxes and a closet......you might want to get another stool for yourself! :> I popped over to Sweet Impression and saw it.....both the stool and card are very sweet! :>

Sarah-Jane Kale' said...

OH MY WORD!!!!! Sankari!!!! WOW!!!!!I can't even get the words out quick enough.
That little Stool is unbelievably BRILLIANT, GORGEOUS, and not to mention CLEVER. Miss Jorja would LOVE that... I guess I should now be a good Mummy and follow in Aunty Sankari's footsteps (pardon the pun, honestly not intended)..and make her one.
And your card... GORGEOUS as always.

BTW.... exactly how big is your closet??? Even without a craft corner you produce AMAZING work... WOW!!!!

xxx SJK

Naomi said...

You are making your amazing creations out of a closet??? I am even more impressed now! I only have a tiny little corner, but without it, I don't know that I would ever make anything! You go girl!